Jul 7, 2013

Daily thoughts- Home improvement stuff, a trip to the library, coffee and air conditioning

my gorgeous new placemats
First, Im excited to post a photo of my new placemats which i got for a steal at Bed, bath and beyond. We stopped by there on our way home. We spent the day at the New York Public Library at 5th avenue with good friends. The weather was horrible but inside the library the ac was nice. I wanted to stay longer but the exhibit we went to check out was not that big. We spent only 2 hours there and had to get going coz we also started to get hungry. I also managed to finally meet a good friend I met on the internet there. He works at the library and I cant wait to go back and visit him. Id like to take another tour of the building plus enjoy of course the wonderful world of free air conditioning. hehehe.

So anyway we had this wonderful dinner at a place called Lili's 57 over at 57th st. Food was good. I had the Lemongrass spicy chicken and tiger rolls. I dont remember what the rest ordered but the hubby had something called masaman curry. We walked our friends to the bus stop and bid them goodnight. We then cut through central park and had coffee (for him) and tea (for me) at Starschmucks. I honestly am not too crazy over their merchandise but the hubby loves their stuff. Speaking of coffee, we finally invested in getting a keurig coffee maker. I gave it to him as a gift on our 5th wedding anniversary. We have been putting it off because when I first got here, he already bought a cuisinart coffee maker. It just didnt make sense to spend more money just to make coffee.

He was really very happy when I did get him what he calls his new fountain of life. Lol. The thing came with 12 free samplers.

It seemed to have disappeared so quickly in 2 or 3 days. We wound up getting a box of 40 kcups of Brooklyn Beans from amazon. It has cute names like Brooklyn Bridge,  Cyclone, Corner donut shop, Breakfast Blends, Colombian etc. So far Im liking the Colombian with plain milk as creamer. I am jotting down my reviews on a notebook so I know which will be my favorite. We normally add plain milk so we can appreciate the flavor of the coffee. But there are also creamers we like. They have this creamer called the cold stone creamery international delight and they come out with some delicious creamers. Ive tried their cookie and ice cream creamers and those 2 are amazing. The baileys irish cream coffee creamer was also on sale at Fine Fare so I grabbed 2 of those and stuck it in the fridge. I just love coffee. I also like tea, cheesecake and ice cream =) And before I get carried away talking about food and drinks I think I better go back to the original trail of this post.

We went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get an additional fan because our portable AC has failed us. Since we cannot return the crappy thing, we have to resort to making it work at least for the remainder of the summer. Part of our dilemma is the size of the apartment. I think the ac is not strong enough to generate enough cool air to fill up the room.We have a long hallway going towards the door and hat has made the floor area bigger. We intalled a rod and put a curtain to cover the entrance to the hallway. We also bought a new vornado fan to help circulate the colder air from the portable ac to the rest of the room.

While im typing this post, i can say that there is noticeable improvement. Over the past few days it would take 4 hours before the temperature would go down. Today it took only an hour for the temperature to go down by at least 7 degrees. Even the cats seem happy about it. I see our cat Dapper laying on our bed which is unusual. Normally she likes to lay down on the dining table or on the floor. Sometimes she also wants to hang out by the bathroom floor. I am actually tempted to fill the tub with water, not for dapper, but for me to soak in. hehehe but yeah yey for the air situation in here.

Right now I just feel totally happy because it was such a great day. Everyday is not always as great but its up to us to really make the most out of each one. Not everyone is also as lucky to spend another day on earth so instead of moping and focusing on the things that make us sad, why not choose to look the other way and be grateful?

And here is a mushy post I put on my facebook wall today:

"when i read about chaos in the world, all the hurt and suffering, i stop to pray and wish for better days, not for me but for those who have to witness and experience such turmoil..around the same time I feel grateful for being blessed with health, kind friends and family and endless opportunities. All my doubts are dwarfed by the grand manifestation of His presence. Have a Blessed Sunday everyone. God Loves you."

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