Oct 11, 2009

October '09 cat treats

Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, our cat has a special treat day each week. Sometimes its on a Saturday but oftentimes we do it on Sundays. For this month we already bought them their special treats wet food. Also, we got them a new cat toy. I realized their old stick toy has no more feathers. The life span of the stick toy is very short because this happens to be the cats' favorite. The first one I got them was a cheap one I bought at Daiso. It was a recommendation by Penny from Yishun (Ill write a separate post about her. Cat advocate in SG know Penny. She is a wonderful woman and a selfless cat caregiver).
That Daiso toy lasted quite long because I took the time to mend it and even stitch it together. Its amazing that 2 dollar toy endured for a year.

Last year was a very tough year for me. Due to financial constraints even the cats were deprived of getting new toys or good food. Just the same, me and my hubby tried our best to make do with what we had. The cats had to settle with makeshift toys and standard brand of catfood. The new cat Thumpy had some kink problem on her spine but we managed to get her a calcium replacement despite the very tight budget.

A lot has changed since we moved to a different house. We are happier and Im sure our cats are too. We are not big timing but we are hardly ever without good food. Even the cats get more treats than they used to. The cat goodies include toys and the quality of food. We make sure now that the cats have that special treat at least once every week.

For October this is what we have in store for our babies:

We also got them this new cat teaser from Pet Lovers. It costs $4.90 and the cats go gaga over it.

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