Sep 29, 2010

International Traveling Cats

A few months ago me and my husband were contemplating on adopting a stray cat in Singapore. Now that cat is in New York City with my husband and mother in law.

It was almost impossible for us to adopt Mini Marble at first because we were short on money. But we love her as much as we love our 2 other cats Dapper and Thumper. It was a painstaking process of getting her paper done and moving her first to the Philippines. But things fell into place and now she is in the Big Apple, her final destination.

December 2009 @ Pasir Ris Void Deck

January 2009 @ Pasir Ris Void Deck

February 2009 @ near Pasir Ris void deck in front of White Sands
Although we were really hard up for the past few months, we decided to adopt Mini Marble around March 2010. She disappeared for a week on March. It was then me and my hubby missed her so much that we vowed we would adopt her no matter what if she showed up again. And luckily, she was back!

Dropped off some kibbles for Marmie after a run (March 2010)

We brought Mini Marble to live with us at our rented room at Pasir Ris. She stayed with us there until May 2010.
@ our Pasir Ris home March 2010
Then on May 2010, we brought home our babies to the Philippines

Philippines May 2010

Philippines June 2010

Philippines July 2010

Philippines August 2010

Philippines September 2010
Next year, my other 2 cats will be reunited with their sister. Another relocation for our International Traveling Cats.

Some amusing photos of the trips they wanted to make though =)

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