Feb 15, 2010

Daily thoughts on Mini Marble

Last December I ran into a cute cat by the block near White Sands Mall. I went jogging that same night and came back to give her some kibbles. When I stopped by the void deck, there were 3 people feeding the cat. It was a very interesting night and before I took off to finish jogging, me and the other girl, Lisa, wrote down each other's number.

We have been friends ever since and also have been keeping tabs of the cat's progress.

Its wonderful how I met new friends over this cat.

Lisa named the cat Marble Mini because she was like the smaller version of another cat (named Marble) who lives in the same block.

Marble mini has won me over since that day I gave her kibbles. I worry about her each day and I bring cat food with me so I can drop it off where she is at, on my way home.

I really want to adopt her..but before I make that solid commitment, there are some issues I have to deal with.

I have to raise the funds to get her shots. It is not easy since my finances are a bit tight. So now my battle plan is this:

1) find out how much the vaccines would cost

2) check with cat welfare society if they know a vet who can give me a discount since Ill be bringing 3 cats

3) liquidate some of my things (@cash converter probably)

for now that's what i can think of as a solution to my bid to raise the funds for Marmie.

This isnt easy but I know Im making the right decision. In case I do leave the country inevitably one day, I will have to bring home all of the cats I intend to adopt here. Once I adopt a cat, there is no way that Im abandoning it. I just can't live with that thought.

Here are some of Marmie's very cute shots:

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