Feb 6, 2010


Having a wonderful time in KL. Although this trip is not really intended for major sightseeings or night life, its a great way for me to relax. Last Thursday I went for a run with my baby and we clocked in:

Completed #iMapMyRun (Run): Distance 3.21 mi, Duration 0:40:07, Pace 12:29 min/mile, Speed 4.8 mph.

We had to do a couple of stops because of the traffic lights. One took forever like more than 3 minutes which was strange. Its aggravating but thats road running and you cannot really expect it to improve. Uninterrupted running can only be done at the tartan track. I am putting that off until the 4th month. For now I just want to enjoy piling on the mileage.

Right now I dont really want to focus on the speed since its inaccurate and distracting. This week was not too taxing since it was a 2 day recovery period before another run. Hopefully I can go for a 30-40 min slow running on Sunday night. I feel recharged now. I feel kinda sad thinking that tomorrow its time to head back home.

Im kinda excited to see my baby girls though. My precious bratty cats.

The cats seem confused yesterday as we packed our bags and cleared the room. We had to cat proof it and we didnt want to come back annoyed and fuming over their bad behavior. To avoid that, its best to preempt disaster. This time around Im less worried of leaving them behind. Our friend Nuri has done a good job of looking after them in the past. She is so accommodating. I sent her a note yesterday and she sent me a very reassuring response.

By the way I found a good book on the shelf here at the hostel. Its another one by my favorite author James Grisham. Im halfway through the novel and Im in another world. Its like I can taste the pasta, pizza and wine elaborately discussed in the book. Italy seems a nice place to live at. I am yet to know more about its culture. All I know about Italy is pasta and pizza and of course the Godfather trilogy. In this book it seems that Italy is all about its food, wine and Opera. The title is Playing for Pizza.

Speaking of Opera, I saw a play several years ago. It was Phantom of the opera and it was good but it was not like the one i watched with Gerard Butler in it. Comparing that play I watched and the Opera described in the book, I began to wonder if Broadway and Opera are the same. I have to look that up. I do like plays a lot and I havent seen one in a long time. Im kinda nostalgic just thinking about the Old Plays I used to watch at CCP.

For now I have to head out and see Putrajaya. Its already 2PM and its right about time to head for some serious lunch too.

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