Feb 15, 2010

Hearty Run - 14.02.12

Me and my hubby went running today. It was not an easy run although it was just 40 minutes. Today was not as breezy as the previous days we ve been running. It was really humid and the first 10 minutes was really the most difficult part. After we went past the 10minutes, I could feel my left heel aching. Upon reaching the 20 minute mark, my midsection near the diaphragm, had this stabbing pain. It seemed that all the odds were against me. But I didnt stop from finishing our run. I knew that at the end of it Id feel better physically and psychologically than letting these minor setbacks prevent me from accomplishing my goal for the day. Ive been slacking for 3 days and it's time for me to punish myself for being lazy. Hehehe not really punish because I really love to run. Its just not easy especially when its too hot outside and I have this nagging pain on my heel.

But it was a great evening. After our run, we capped off the evening with a roasted pork meal and movie. Its very late now so I gotta go. Monday is rest day so I gotta prep up for another taxing day tomorrow. later peeps.

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