Feb 3, 2010

DAILY THOUGHTS -02.02.2010

I slept for only 3 and a half hours today and although it was short, I had enough energy to get me by the entire day. But by end of my shift, reading some messages from the management sapped some of that energy.

Work is stressful.. I try real hard each day to do more than expected and I feel ignored and unappreciated. I dont expect much really but a little "good job" or pat in the back could do wonders. It wouldnt really cost them an arm or a leg to give us some recognition for our efforts.

I told myself that this year I will be more productive at what I do. Of course this entails some little sacrifices.
For one, I stay glued to my seat and I even count the bathroom breaks I make.

These little breaks altogether has an impact on the daily productivity. Each time spent bantering with colleagues at the pantry is not as short as we think. It stretches for another 30 minutes or so that couldve been used to do more at work.

I wouldnt really say that spending time with my friends at work is all idle talk. But we are in the office. It is not really a place for socializing but rather to work. I know it sounds like im taking the last amount of fun out of my job. But i dont really have much of a choice. one has to go. if i want better numbers, i have to focus at the expense of lunch and other unnecessary break times.

There is always another place for things that dont require me to stress myself out. It is definitely not in the office.

I keep to myself mostly and I prefer to sit down, listen to my ipod and just finish as much as I can in a day. Yet sometimes it doesnt seem enough. For the past year, there were even days I clocked in more hours and I didnt expect any additional pay for it. This is really taking a toll on my sanity and reason. How much more should I give to be acknowledged?

When you dont hit the target, you get scolded. If you meet and go beyond it, they seem to doubt how you are able to do it.

So what is it gonna be? Be mediocre and you'll go unnoticed.

Today is not okay. At least I got my rest day.

Tomorrow I need to run and clear my head.

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