Feb 15, 2010

A quiet but beautiful Valentine's Day

Spent the day walking around Bedok and Pasir Ris. Unfortunately not a lot of establishments were open but we still had a splendid and decent meal.

Me and my husband strolled at teh small park near Bedok. We also saw a restaurant there called Spageddies and we're planning to eat there next week.

Here is a cute cat we saw at the park

We bought some stuff at a cheap store by Bedok then had some coffee at the Kopitiam.

On our way home, we also ran into Marmie and gave her some treats. She is growing up so fast!

Then we headed home to our precious brats.

The day was simple but this is one of my happiest Valentine's Day. Fancy dinners and getting dressed up wouldve been great too. Ive had those in the past. But nothing beats spending a time like this with a person who truly loves you. Happy Hearts DAy everyone!

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