Feb 20, 2010

Ownership, on pets and otherwise

What is ownership? For me its a lot like adopting a cat. You bring the cat home, make sure it is fed, bring it to the vet when it needs it shots. You may even want it spayed for health reasons. Simply because it is a responsible way of taking care of only the number of cats you can handle. If cats keep multiplying because you dont get them spayed, you might end up giving them away or worse dumping them in some garbage bin.

I have never abandoned a cat in my life and I have no plans of doing so. Even when the odds are grim and my finances make it impossible for me to get by, I find a way to ensure that I do not have to give them up. No Im not a saint. I just consider cats no different from me. My parents had me and although I may be a pain the neck while I was growing up, they didnt kick me out of the house. Although there were times I knew I caused them a lot of grief and heartaches, I am their responsibility and there is no way of changing that. If I was some nut case maybe putting me in a psych ward would be justified. Fortunately, I am not (I hope) so they had to put up with me until I was old enough to wean mysel off of their care. In my opinion animal should not be treated any less. Unless the pet becomes rabid for some reason, then its time to let go. Other than that, its a FOR LIFE arrangement.

Ownership is also applicable in other areas of our life. For instance, our job. There are times we encounter some difficult tasks and we want to duck and chuck it to the next person whom we think can handle it better. Delegation is necessary but if we can do it, I dont see the need why we have to pass the bucket to someone else. I have witnessed so many able people do this on a daily basis. My reaction has gradually evolved from surprise to annoyance to disgust to acceptance and most recently, indifference. I guess there is no end to it. You change one and make them realize it but the world is teeming of such people so the cycle does not end. Its sad but it would be a lot sadder if you end just like one of them right?

So my solution is to just do my job, do the deed and move on.

Besides, I used to be like that when I didnt know any better. Also Ive met some people who have inspired me to "just do it" than whine and ruin my day.

Oh and yeah Ive also been given extraordinary service by some people who have gone that extra mile and went beyond the scope of their responsibility.

Im still learning each day and its just fair to give everyone that leeway on constant self improvement.

Anwyay, speaking of ownership, my cat just took a big dump. My turn to scoop the turds. Damn.

Anyone want to adopt a slightly obese cat? =)


  1. Well-written!!

    Sometimes, I think the cats own US instead! :)

  2. Hi Lupie. Tnx for the comment. I agree! I think they are the boss coz its them we serve not the other way around. hehe tnx for dropping by!


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