Feb 2, 2010

DAILY THOUGHTS - on running, cats, new dog and old "dogs"

Slept for only 4 hours today so when I got home after work, I made a quick meal then passed out. I napped for 3 hours. Then I forced myself out of the house to go for a run. This is probably the most tiring workout I had. Maybe because our pace is a little faster than before and yeah I have been slacking for 5 days.

Our ran read:

#iMapMyRun (Run): Distance 3.38 mi, Duration 0:38:41, Pace 11:26 min/mile, Speed 5.2 mi/hr

Hopefully this will be consistent though. Its the second month since I have decided that Ill be joining a marathon at the end of the year. Thetimetable that I found on one website says that there should be at least 19 weeks of easy running before embarking on the actual marathon training. Im not sure if I read the minimum training should 15mi per week on the second month or 15 k. Honestly, Im not ready for 15 mi /week just yet. I just want to gradually build also my endurance and increase my mileage but not make this whole thing sound more like a task.
So far Im really enjoying getting back to running though. The only drawback is that I sleep late and yet I have to get up early for work.

For today not much really happened. I just went to work and bought a bag of meow mix on my way home.

Oh and before I finally reached our house, I ran into a group of kids and they saw me feed the stray cats. They asked me if they could get some of my kibbles and I said sure. They then fed the other cats and they were so happy and excited! It really made me smile=)

When I got home, I was surprised to see the black kitty roaming freely around the house.
The black kitty is in heat again so I expect some interrupted sleep. Oh another thing, they took the dog away today. My husband feels happy and I can tell that there is less stress in th house because the dog is gone..but my heart aches thinking about him. I wonder who else will take him? He is no longer a puppy and he is too old to learn new tricks. I just hope some kindhearted soul will take him in though..Poor White. He was not really that bad to me.

Speaking of old dogs and new tricks, I was at the train station this afternoon and alighted at the last stop on my way home. When I was about to swipe my mrt card, this old woman came out of nowhere, snuck right in front of me and swiped her card and took off.she was walking so slow though and i almost knocked her over when it was my turn. It was so weird. She was so fast then all of a sudden she decided to be really slow.

What a crazy hag. I guess its too late for her to learn any manners at this point.

Today was okay=)

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