Jan 19, 2011

Daily thoughts - Boomer progress

I took Boomer to the vet again for a second opinion. Again I was told she is too tiny for the surgical procedure. I have to wait for one more month to see if they can do the enucleation (surgically remove both her eyes) and to prevent the infection from spreading. I requested for some pain relievers and antibiotics because it is heartbreaking to hear her cry every night because of the pain.

I religiously administer the prescribed medicines daily and wipe her with wet ones. She seem to have improved within just a week.

Boomer, January 10 2011

Boomer yesterday January 18 2011

Boomer and Enchong today January 19 2011
She seem happier and also plays around the room. You may think she just sits around in one corner, but no she likes to scratch on a box that I put near my door. She also likes to play with the cat toys we have in the rooom. I am really happy Boomer is getting better. She doesnt cry at night like she used to. Also, the swelling in her eyes have subsided a bit. I make it a point to wipe her daily with wet ones during the day and at night before 11PM. I also instill 2 drops of Antibiotics and 2 drops of Tears Naturale as prescribed by the vet.

This is big news to me because just a few weeks ago, I was told to give her up and put her to sleep. Now I look at her and I am amazed at how her condition has improved. It is even hard to tell she is blind when you see her run around in the room. Of course she would still bump on walls and the other cats but she is careful. She also can find her way to her food dish, water bowl and even the litter box. Next time I might try to record while she goes about the room, playing, eating or even utilizing the box.

I am really grateful to the Lord for blessing me with this cat. Boomer may be blind but she has made me "see" the wonderful things I have in my life. And that I should always be grateful and positive. Life may be difficult at one point but it wont always be like that.

It was a real miracle how things have turned out for this cat. In just one day, people who I havent even met yet have selflessly reached out to me and supported my cause to help save Boomer. I am yet to personally thank each and everyone of them. I am moved by the generosity and kindess. Im really glad I didnt give up on Boomer.

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