Jan 16, 2011

Daily thoughts - January 10. Nope I didnt forget

It was my Dad's supposed 68th birthday last Monday January 10. I bought a cake and shared it with my brother. It is still hard but we are trying our best to move on. It has been 3 months since he passed away and most of the time, we are okay. But there days we feel the pain of his absence. Christmas and New Year were both difficult to celebrate without him.

We have a superstition here that when you jump on New Year's eve it will make you grow taller. My Dad jumps ever New Year's eve. Its so funny because he knows he has stopped growing many decades ago. Still, he does this every year as far as I can remember. You would see him jumping with joy when the clock strikes 12 Midnight every New Year.

We console ourselves with the thought he is in a better place.

Happy Birthday Daddy. We didnt forget.

Daddy and Jake

We love and miss you everyday.

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