Jan 15, 2011

Daily thoughts - Boomer's artificial tears, a run and a hearty meal

I went to town today to pick up the prescribed medication for Boomer.She is scheduled for a surgery next month. In the meantime, Im making sure she is well fed and cleaned daily with wet ones. I also use an antibacterial drops (Gentin) on her eyes. She purrs everytime I rub her with the wet towels. She appreciates everytime I show her any affection. I love that about her. This cat is really smart. She has never missed using the litter box and has never crapped elsewhere in the room except inside the box.

I was sick for the past few days and I wasnt able to bring her back to the vet as planned. This weekend I will have to bring her for a check up. Right now, the swelling in her eyes has reduced in size. Although I am not really complacent because there could still be complications since she is very young and the infection may still spread on the rest of her head.

After I came back from town, I opened my little store. It was already late (4PM) but I thought I could still make some sales for the day. I did but its not much. Still Im glad I decided to open today. Been closed the past few days since I was down with the flu. I also went running today for 30 minutes. I cooked some sinigang na bangus for dinner. It was a really good meal. I gave the tablescraps to the other cats downstairs. I gave them catfood this morning and lunchtime but they seem to be looking for something else to eat for dinner. They licked their plates clean tonight. I guess we all had a good dinner.

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