Oct 27, 2011

Daily thoughts - ambivalent feelings on leaving

Yesterday I finally received the documents Ive been waiting for. Its the fruit of almost a year long of collating and submitting important paperwork to finalize my travel. I admit I was very happy to finally get it all done. As I tore the plastic package and surveyed the contents of the bag, I could imagine being with my husband again and that thought made me smile.

But I wasnt totally happy. When I went out of the room, I saw the cats and one of our dogs and as usual they followed me around. They brushed their bodies against my leg and some of them just wouldnt stop circling around it. It made me guilty.

For the past few months Ive tried hard to look for people who are willing to accommodate at least one pet. I had to put the pets up for adoption because I discovered last year when I came home that the animals arent fed most of the time. I dont understand really how the owner of the house can stand treating animals as such. So I decided Id rather for these pets get adopted out than die in this shithole.

Initially my plan was to stay here for awhile then when I leave I needed to bring my 2cats with me to the US. These two were my original cats that I adopted in Singapore. But after that incident in December, I had to adopt two more cats. And lately I just fell in love with Boomer's sibling Fruitycake. So yeah damn I have 5 cats in tow.

I wish I could bring the rest of the animals with me but its impossible. I cannot afford to do that. Also I dont think Delta Airlines will allow me to fly 13 cats and 5 dogs. Lastly, I doubt that the landlord of the apartment Im moving into would allow a huge number of animal in its premises.

This is probably one of the hardest things I have to do.. Break these animals hearts.

I am not too proud of myself right now..

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  1. Take it easy on yourself. You've done your best to take care of them for all that time. I do understand how hard that must be, though. The only thing I can suggest, if you can't find anyone to take care of them, is to bring them to the PSPCA. At least there, they'll have a fighting chance of someone adopting them. If left there, they won't be fed.


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