Oct 21, 2011

Daily thoughts- Yue yue, RIP little girl..

I dont know if youve seen this video, but when I saw it, for awhile I couldnt breathe

Here is a link on the full story of what happened that very tragic day. I was totally speechless for a few minutes before I just mumbled profanities after watching the video. I kept shaking my head in disbelief. 18 people saw the dying child and did nothing. The kid was ran over not once but twice by 2 vehicles. I cant even imagine something like this happening to an animal, and here I witness a little girl being treated worse than an animal. I dont want to be quick to judge because people in China may have aversions to helping because of fear of getting implicated instead of commended. But seriously, how hard is it to call an ambulance or get the attention of other people and get the seriously injured child to a hospital??

Yue yue, the little girl, unfortunately succumbed to all the injuries she sustained and died today. This sad event is somewhat like a reminiscent of what happened to Kitty Genovese in New York many years ago. Ms Genovese was murdered and 38 people saw what was happening but didnt even call the police. All they had to do was CALL but that was just effort to them.

The morality of man is eroding. The indifference shown by these 18 "human beings" is so appalling Im so ashamed we are of the same species. I have more respect for some animals who would save its own.

To you little sweet girl Yue yue, you may not have lived long enough on this world, but you will be remembered. I wish to let you know that not all people are bad. There are still some people would have gladly helped if they have been there. I among those many people would have wanted to pick you up and bring you to a safe place. I hope you forgive those heartless people and pray for them because it must be difficult to live with such apathy.

You are in a better place now where noone will ever hurt you again. Rest in peace beautiful Yue yue.

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  1. All of those people that just walked by should be hunted down and jailed for life. Damned soulless bastards.


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