Oct 16, 2011

Daily thoughts - The New Kid in Town

Pretty, one of our mainstay cats at home, gave birth to a single litter last July. The last time she had another live kitten was back in November of the previous year and that cat was also born without any siblings. Normally, our other female cats have three kittens in one go, but not Pretty. It is very seldom that she conceives more than 2 kittens and they rarely also survive. Late November of 2010 she gave birth to a beautiful white kitten and I named it Boomer. Boomer is now almost 11 months old and is very healthy. Also, she is unfortunately blind. Nevertheless, its because of her being blind that she earned that coveted "spot" of my special cat list (ie:the cats that will come with me to the States). I know that noone else here will want her since she is a special needs cat and I cannot imagine leaving her either.

The new addition to the huge cat family in the house is another reason for me to work harder. A new mouth to feed! lolz. I am currently feeding already 12 cats and 6 dogs. Not that Im complaining, but a kitten is precious to me everytime there is one. Especially now that this kitten is one of Pretty's. This is the 2nd of the 2 surviving offspring she has so I am doing my best to ensure that this kittten is healthy. I had to buy special milk and kitten cat food because during the first few weeks, I noticed that Fruitcake was beginning to get frail. Pretty is not a very good mother as Ive noticed. She leaves her kitten behind most of the time and she only tries to show that she is a good mother when Im looking. What a bitch. She just wants me to reward her with generous supply of catfood but she wouldnt take the time to nurse her new baby.

Im glad that Fruitcake has put on weight again and is seemingly healthy and happy.

Fruitcake - July 25 2011

Fruitcake - Aug 5 2011

Pretty, Fruitcake and Shopwise - August 6 2011
Ive allowed Fruitcake to wander into my room and now is a permanent fixture. He refuses to stay outside of the room longer than 10 minutes. When I open the door Pretty would be hanging out of the room with the other critters that I just fed 5 minutes ago. And as usual they act like they havent eaten for a month, meowing and begging for food. I would let Fruitcake hang out a bit with Pretty and the PG gang (pg stands for patay gutom, a slang we use for people or animals who seem insatiable). But he goes back to the room voluntarily when I open the door of the room again. He knows where he can get unlimited love and food=).

This is now a big dilemma. I have fallen in love with this new cat..unfortunately there is a quota to the number of cat I can bring to the states with me.

oh Fruitcake, how I wish I can bring you with me to the promised land..

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