Oct 24, 2011

Appeal for a cat named Cooper

My cat Thumper was hospitalized in February this year and if not for the kindness of friends and some people I met on the internet, my baby girl wouldnt be alive today. I am forever grateful to these wonderful people and I promised it to myself back then that if any of them ever ask me for any favor in the future, Id do it in a heartbeat.

One of those kind souls need that help right now. She didnt ask me to do this but I wanted to share her story and just maybe you too may want to help.

My friend has many cats and she lives with her husband and infant daughter. She is an artist and makes money of out commission for her fantastic drawings. Here is a sample of one of her works. This drawing was given to a friend of hers:

My good friend Rheann is a lovely person because despite the very little money she makes, she still goes out of her way to donate for animal causes. Like in my case, my cat was hospitalised and needed to be confined last February. I was short on money and this person shelled out whatever money she had just to help me. She never asked me anything in return after that. She was simply happy to know that my cat survived. As a token of gratitude I just made a watercolor painting for her instead since she would'nt accept my offer to pay her back.

Lately she has adopted 3 more cats from a kill shelter in California. These 3 cats were about to be "destroyed" since noone wanted to adopt them, but they she saved them just in time. This person has a good heart and if kindness was all it took to be rich in this world, then she would'nt probably need my help at all.

This post is not just because I owe my friend a favor. Im also doing this because I know how it feels when a  pet's life is in danger. It is heartbreaking and only animal lovers can truly understand whats it like. I love my pets very much and Id do anything to ensure they are safe, healthy and truly cared for.

Here are some photos of my friend's cat named Cooper. Cooper was recently confined and had a surgical operation at SPCA in San Francisco California. The bill rang up to a whooping 3544 and some change (which is really rather hefty).

A note my friend wrote on her fb wall for her friends and family :

Cooper is staying for a few days at the SPCA vet. She is very sick right now with Jaundice and in critical condition. Where on earth did I go wrong. I am waiting to hear back from the vet on her results, it will take a few days. At this time the vet is not sure if the Jaundice has been caused from her lack of desire to eat, or if she may have a hidden illness with her liver, hepatitis or liver cancer. They will hook a feeding tube up to her neck tonight surgically and she must remain in the hospital for several days because when she tries to eat she throws up so she must be force fed at this time.... The vet told me that there is a high chance she will not recover for this if it’s taking a turn for the worse and more serious like cancer etc. What does this all mean…. So my Cooper is going to die? Is this treatable? I hate not knowing this outcome the stress is eating a hole in my stomach. I am simply devastated. I haven't even had her that long and already I am losing her...
I am appealing for financial help for Cooper and also prayers, her medical costs are quite expensive and we just had to pay for Pancake and Chocolate, Chocolate of which was finally neutered and tattooed today. Vet also said something about that maybe she can come home in a few days but I’ll have to feed her through her neck tube if they take that approach… I’m so scared at this point. I don’t know what to think or to do next, I just wait for her blood results now… I miss you so much Cooper I wish you were home….


Breakdown of Cooper's final veterinary bill:

To confirm the amount, you may also contact SPCA San Francisco 415-554-3000 .

Here are additional photos of Cooper after she was discharged:

food and medicine

Cooper passed out in the carrier

Feeding tube on Cooper's neck

new bandage

Cooper socializing again with her cat family

Cooper on top of her favorite pillow
Any amount would be of great help. Please visit this link if you would like to make any contribution. Thank you very much in advance.

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