Feb 22, 2011

Daily thoughts - My baby girl is home!

After being confined for one week, my cat Thumper was finally discharged today. I could tell that I wasnt the only one excited.

Pretending she wasnt excited to see me

Thumper without her IV drip
Cesar the wonderful vet assistant who took care of Thumper
I havent paid the bill yet because I had trouble getting cash from the ATM. Also Im also a little short so hopefully tomorrow when I go back to the clinic to settle the bill, I can work out some payment arrangement.  I covered Thumper with some of the bedding because we had to board a tricycle. I thought she would be terrified like last time. Surprisingly, she was nonchalant about it. She seem more interested to peek through the carrier and check out what's going on outside. People were amused to see her when I walked through the market on my way to board another tricycle. Most of them were saying "Ay Pusa! (oh its a cat!), ang cute!".

I took a video of the tricycle ride but the quality is poor since I just used my nokia jurassic phone.

The other cats in the house were meowing loudly when I got home. I think they havent had their dinner yet. I fed them some kibbles before I left for town though. One of the new cats named Ingay, rushed to check out the carrier. Thumper didnt like him and hissed. She knew he was an impostor. Very true! Ingay has a collar and Im sure someone owns him. He just showed up one day ( a few weeks ago) in our house and was very assertive in demanding to be fed. Well I dont turn cats away and just fed the little bastard. So from then on Ingay has become a part of the family. He isnt allowed inside the room though. Squid, Maki, Glory, Pretty, Pepper and Ingay are only granted access to our living room and dining area. My brother told me that Pretty snuck in their room last night though, with her damn boyfriend. Slutty cat. So in total there are 10 cats in the house. Four lives in my room namely Thumper, Dapper, Enchong and Boomer.

Thumper went under the bed right away when I opened her carrier

The first thing she did after her short stroll under the bed was to climb her scratch post. No help from me!

Enchong looking curiously at the "new" cat.

Thumper relaxing after her tour of the room.

I put a clean pillowcase on the bed to make her comfortable.

I think she was really tired. She dozed off again.

The vet on duty recommended a dextrose solution that can be taken orally. This is in case Thumper still refuses to eat.

Dextrose solution

one tablespoon
dropper for feeding

250 ml water (already poured in the container with the solution)

Water and the dextrose solution
I just gave a little to Thumper today because she really didnt like it. Also there was an improvement. She started eating some kibbles around 11pm today.

Thumper eating some of Boomer's kibbles. Boomer seem to be looking but she has no eyes.
Thumper was starting to act normally again. I took some videos of her cleaning herself and also playing.Little steps but I was really so happy and excited. Its like watching my baby walk for the first time.

A little after midnight I heard some commotion outside the window. Ingay tried to climb the window by the side of my room. That crazy cat. I think he wanted to snoop on my female cats.

I heard some noise and some rattling sound so I looked out the window

Ingay climbing by the side of our house

He wanted to jump in our window when he saw Dapper but I said NOOOO

Making his way down
Thumper didnt care too much for Ingay. Dapper on the other hand was curiously watching by the window.

Some of the videos I took of Thumper

Here she is cleaning herself

And here is my favorite, Thumper scratching my yoga mat. Along with her are her sisters Dapper and Boomer. Enchong is under the desk playing with one of his toys.

And lastly, here is the damn culprit that almost toasted my baby girl

the power strip
Im trying to figure out a way how to get this thing away from the cats' reach. Its a miracle that my Baby girl is actually alive right now. But of course I need to take the necessary precautions now because I cannot go through that ordeal again. I was sleep deprived and I couldnt eat well worrying over my cat.

I have the Lord to thank and also people who have prayed and even donated forThumper's bill! Lastly, I think I need to thank Boomer, my blind cat.

You see, Boomer was supposed to have her surgery last February 10. However, she was refused again because according to the vet, she is still too small. Her surgery was postponed for another month.Her eye swelling has subsided and I just wipe her everyday and instill artificial tears. Ive stopped the antibiotics temporarily because her eyes arent having any purulent discharge as of the moment. Also the vet told me not to let her be dependent on antibiotics because the germs might become resistant to it.  Anyway a month ago, some good people chipped in to shoulder half of the surgery bill. I have put away just enough money for the remaining half.

Boomer's artificial tears

Thumper got sick around Valentine's Day. I had to make a deposit at the clinic. Also, my store wasnt making enough money anymore and the cat food has run out. This is when I decided I had to borrow Boomer's money (technically it belongs to her). I promised I would give it back after I get my pay. I realized also that if Boomer's surgery pushed through, then I probably would have been really hurting for money because those daily trips to the vet was also draining my stash.

Things do happen for a reason. Although I was initially upset that they kept putting Boomer's surgery off, Im kinda glad that they did. Somehow this has saved me and Thumper. I didnt compromise my daily visits and I was able to afford to feed the other cats also.

So Thank you Boomer! I will make it up to you next month=) As for Thumper, Welcome Home Baby Girl!

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  1. I'm glad to see Thumper is finally home! As usual, she seems very excited by the yoga mat. =) All of the cats do.


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