Feb 24, 2011

Daily thoughts - Cat vs human

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Growing up, I was a painfully shy girl. I didnt really mingle with a lot of kids and I mostly kept to myself. I have always been the most withdrawn, quiet and antisocial kid in class. Some of my teachers mistook at as having problems at home and others just considered me weird. Its actually a little of both. I was a sickly kid and I dont really enjoy being in the company of too many people.

For 10 years since I was born, we lived in a one bedroom apartment in the central part of Manila. We werent exactly poor but we almost didnt qualify as middle class either. It was somewhere in between. Still, my folks did their best to give us a normal childhood. I didnt have barbie dolls or other fancy toys. I did have some nice toys that were bought, given as gifts and the rest were hand me downs. I wore the same pair of shoes in school as long as they fit and didnt have holes and my uniform was some old blouse and skirt from friends of my mom. But I was a kid, these things didnt matter to me until I was taunted in class for it. My classmates made fun of my blouse which was always too big for me. Also they would wonder why I have socks of different length. They also thought I was too skinny and tiny compared to most of them. Actually, I was the youngest because I started school early and skipped K1. The school thought K1wasnt necessary since I already went through nursery. So in short I was bullied most of the time but despite being small, I always fought back. Kids didnt mess around with me anymore but I had only a few friends.

I started hating going to school and I became more isolated. I still attended classes though but I have a vague memory of remembering whether I really enjoyed it at all.I liked staying at home more often and also in the company of my pets. It sounds crazy but I would talk to my cats and it seems they understood me or so I thought.=)

me and my brother. cats from l-r carmina, nikki, luggy and mingming.
Up until we moved to the new house when I turned 10, I remained an introvert. I left my previous school and Im sure no one even noticed that I have transferred to a new one. But it didnt really matter. We moved and so did our many cats. I dont remember exactly how many we had but two of them were as old as I was. Their names were Mingming and Cheche. Our new place was not any bigger than the apartment we lived at for 10 years (12 years for my folks). But it was our own house and lot now. Our cats had more space to play around and I was able to learn how to ride a bike and made new friends, this time, kids just like me.

School became tolerable, later on fun. And over the years Ive always had cats and dogs.

That was a  long time ago and Ive lost track of how many cats and dogs weve had over the last 2 decades. But I cannot really imagine not having any pets at all. I have four cats living in my room right now and there are 7 more downstairs namely:

1) Squid (9months)
2) Maki (9 months),
3) Glory (15 years old)
4) Pretty (4 years old)
5) Pepper (4 years old)
6) Ingay ( I have no idea since he just recently moved in with us, uninvited of course)
7) Eggnog (4 years old)

and Four dogs

1) Arnold (female 3 years old)
2) Murgeet (female 3 years old)
3) Docman (female 1 year old)
4) Younghusband (nickname Yubby, 2 months old)

Not everyone in our house share my sentiment when it comes to taking care of animals but at least they dont hurt or kill them. However, their apathy is quite disturbing. They dont feed the animals with clean food and never give them fresh water. This is what makes me miss my Dad more. He was always good to animals.

There was an incident  last December 2010 that kinda supports my conclusion as to why I think my family doesnt care too much about the pets here. But right now, things seem calm around the house and no one is threatening to get rid of the cats.

Yesterday however, I was told by our neighbor that the cats should be caged. I asked why. Ive lived in this place longer than he has and all of a sudden here he is lecturing me about how I should care for my animals. I guess this was after an argument we had regarding two of my cats that were ran over by a speeding car. Our street is being turned into a highway by students from the College near our house. Instead of our neighbor suggesting a way to prevent such an event from happening, he wants us, the residents, to adjust to the carelessness of such idiots who have no courtesy on the road. Our neighborhood is a private subdivision and these kids shouldnt even be allowed to park their cars here, or worse, drive like maniacs.

Ill be writing another post about that though. I just find it commonsensical to install a hump on the road because next time, it could be the little children playing on the street that may get killed and not just animals. I dont understand why noone has thought of that. And why the president of the Homeowner's association of this neighborhood didnt even think or suggest that simple idea. Well what can I expect from someone who eats dogs anyway. Why would he care about our cats, he doesnt have any. He has a bunch of chickens in his backyard though and roosters (that fucking wake me up at 4 am because our neighbor decided to use the empty lot next door as its hang out place) and a dog that almost died that he never even brought to the vet. I was shocked to hear the neighbor's wife suggest that their dog should be replaced with a non gimpy one. and what should happen to the dog that got ran over but is still alive?? discard it like a toy? or eat it? I dont know but these people's backward mentality makes me cringe in disgust and annoyance. Well im keeping a close watch on Danny, their dog. If by any chance the neighbor decides that Danny is big enough to be palatable to his taste buds, Im going to give PSPCA or CARA  a call.

And that is why sometimes Id rather spend time with my pets than talk to some human beings who are both stupid and selfish. They should be the ones on a leash or a cage.

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