Feb 17, 2011

Daily thoughts - A hole in my heart since Valentine's Day part 1 (February 15 visit)

I spent my Valentine's day in a rather odd way. I went to the vet to bring my cat Thumper who seem to be in a state of shock. The vet still havent figured out whats wrong with her. I did give him a brief history of how Thumper was behaving before she suddenly started acting strange by Sunday afternoon. I told the vet that my guess is it has something to do with the power strip by the window of my room. I have scolded Thumper countless times to not to go there. When I leave the house, I even unplug everything in the room to ensure that my cats wont get fried while Im not around. If the power strip is indeed the culprit, then damn, the huge annoying irony of what Ive been dreading to happen, just happened while I was dead to the world, sleeping.

I went to the clinic yesterday February 15 around 2 pm and stayed until 530pm. I just hung out and played with Thumper. She seem in better spirits as compared to how she looked like last Monday when I brought her in.

I picked her up and set her by the display table

Thumper's bonding time with Mommy

Mommy misses Thumper

My Baby Girl

She seem dazed and oblivious to where she was. Normally, Thumper is afraid of people except me and my husband. The sound of dogs barking is another thing that freaks her out. But at the clinic, she didnt seem to mind people coming in and out. Also she didnt care about the animals they had in tow or even if they (both human and pet) were noisy. She just was indifferent to everything, even me. The vet however disagreed with me and said that when I walked in and Thumper heard my voice, she was clawing on the matress of her carrier. She was excited to see me!=)

Thumper looking through the glass divider.

Brought her some wet food but she didnt eat it
Some of the patients in the clinic that Thumper didnt seem to care too much about:

A dog getting its IV drip hooked up

This fluffy dog was getting a shot I think

And below is a photo of Thumper's reaction after she saw the other animals on the examination table:

Apathetic. Bored. hehehe
She was just sitting by this display area for 3 hours. She would doze off and wake up again. I just stayed there stroking her fur and reassuring her that I love her.

I was really hesitant to leave the clinic..

Back in the carrier
It was very difficult leaving Thumper yesterday. I didnt want to go but I wasnt allowed to stay overnight at the clinic. If it was only possible, I would have stayed behind.

On my way home I bought some fish, veggies, tofu and eggs for tomorrow's lunch and dinner. I was planning to bring some food with me in case I was planning to stay the entire day and part of the evening at the clinic. I had some barbecue before I boarded the tricycle. Ive been trying to avoid meat but yesterday I just couldnt pass this one up. I was hungry, tired and I honestly forgot that I am trying to not eat pork..

yummy barbecue
When I got home I went for a short run. I was pretty beat by the time I finished running. I almost didnt finish my workout. I also changed my mind about cooking lunch and dinner for tomorrow. I thought maybe I dont have to bring food since I could probably bring Thumper home already! I decided that I should just tidy up the room a bit in preparation for my baby girl's homecoming.


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