Feb 17, 2011

Daily thoughts - A hole in my heart since Valentine's Day part 3 (February 17 visit)

Today will be Thumper's fourth day of confinement. Her breathing has not improved. But honestly I was very very happy today to see her ..alive. I did'nt want to be negative yesterday but I could'nt help it. I was up until 7am this morning worrying. I called the vet assistant just to check on her and when I heard that she is "the same as yesterday", meaning she was STILL breathing. That was still comforting and because of that I was able to relax and sleep. I got up at 1pm and was planning to get ready to leave but when I sat down on the bed, I just fell asleep again. I was really tired. I got up before 3 pm and made it to the clinic around 4pm. I also discovered that the distance from the Cathedral to the clinic was only 10 minutes away. Damn Ive been wasting 40pesos going back and forth riding those tricycles.. So today I walked to and from the clinic. Got my exercise and saved 40 which I used to buy myself a cinnamon roll=)

Cathedral to Clinic Map

closer view of the map going to clinic from chapel. most prominent landmark was the rizal provincial government office.
found this inf on this link
When I made it to the clinic, Thumper was still laying on her carrier, weak and doesnt want to eat. She was still hooked to an Oxygen mask and the IV drip. The good news is she is conscious and is aware of her surroundings. She seemed excited to see me again today. Her eyes got big when I called her name. I think she was even trying to show off by removing her oxygen mask. I had to put the thing back on though because she was apparently having a hard time breathing. My poor baby girl. I also brought her some food but she refused to eat.
ocean fish platter

Thumper at 4pm today

I brought some pillowcases for her because she has been peeing a lot. They vet assistant named Cesar was kind enough though to wash the dirty towels that were soiled. I wanted to offer to do that but unfortunately there is no water at home right now and yesterday's dirty towels are still soaked in soap and chlorox. I have to buy 2 buckets of water in the morning again. The water shortage in our neighborhood has turned from a simple headache to a freaking nightmare. I just found out today that this bullshit might go on for 2 months. I dont know what to do about those bastards anymore but Im somehow relieved to know that there are 2 water trucks now competing to selll water to the neighborhood. Not that I like paying for it but we had this dilemma that I mentioned on Monday's post.  It would be great to have a back up water supply especially now that summer is about to start. I will write a separate entry again about the water problem here and what some of our neighbors are planning to do about it.

I really want to bring more clean towels for my baby girl but right now that's impractical. I might even bring my own laundry to the laundromat tomorrow because Im out of bedsheets and I have 2 hampers full of dirty clothes. I put the pillow case as Thumper's blanket in case she got cold again.

I rubbed her whole body and also her paws. She did something that made my heart melt.

thumper trying to clutch my finger with her paw

she didnt want to let go..

My sweetie girl is a fighter
This really brought me to tears.. My little girl is fighting so hard to live! I know she wants to come home soon and be with me and her sister Dapper and two new siblings Boomer and Enchong. I miss cuddling her at night and waking up finding her sleeping by my legs or beside me.

photo taken last Feb 9 2011.
I never expected that this would happen to Thumper. Although this isnt the first time she has been sick. She has had her share of near death experience more than a year ago and me and my husband panicked over it too. She once fell from a curtain and almost broke her damn neck. In the same year she walked by the side of our window and almost fell from the 3rd floor.Luckily I found her just in the nick of time.  She also had fever one time and we just gave her supportive treatment.

I am still very worried because she has been confined for almost a week and there seems to be no improvement nor a firm diagnosis by the vet. Im praying and just hoping that she comes out of this. It doesnt matter if she doesnt get 100 percent well again. If she is alive, I would love to have her back and I will make sure I take very good care of her if given that chance.

Here are two videos of her today showing her breathing condition. The second video isnt too clear but you will notice towards the end of the clip that she slightly moves her mouth open to breathe better.

Tomorrow February 18, will be the 2nd year anniversary of the day we adopted Thumper. I hope it will also be a good day for me to bring her home..I pray that she will recover soon..

Baby girl barely 2 months old (Feb 18, 2009)

Thumper as a kitten (Feb 18 2009)
I stayed for only 2 and half hours today at the clinic.While I was there I took photos again of pets brought in by their owners.
Dalmatian named Gypsy

Gypsy was brought in a few days ago. She was crapping blood. Today she was discharged. Yey for Gypsy!

This nun brought in her spoiled Shihtzu for a "prenatal checkup"

Ruba the Shihtzu

Ruba shaking her head. Nooo I dont want your finger there!!!

Ruba seem like a high end kind of dog. She smelled of Clinique Happy Perfume. And I was right. They owner told me they did put some perfume and powder on her.

Ruba relaxing

Hmm Ruba didnt like that thermometer thats was inserted in her ass. So to show her disapproval, she shit on the floor
This chihuahua had some lesions on its skin

The dog didnt like being held and showed his protest by spraying shit everywhere. Luckily I didnt get to experience a dose of his fury. But Cesar the vet assistant wasnt too lucky.

Subdued Chihuahua.

During my visit yesterday, a woman came by to check on her 3 Shihtzu puppies. One of her dogs already died from Parvovirus. I found out today that the 2 other siblings did not make it either. That's really sad. I had two pitbull puppies that succumbed to parvovirus a few years ago. That really sucked.

Today I wll go to bed at a decent time so I can wake up early,go for a short run and prepare a hearty meal before i go visit my baby girl..and hopefully take her home. fingers crossed..

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