Feb 17, 2011

Daily thoughts - A hole in my heart since Valentine's Day part 2 (February 16 visit)

I slept in today for 11 hours since I havent slept well for the past two days. I texted the vet this morning and he said that Thumper's condition was the same as yesterday. I went back to sleep and got up around 3PM to get ready. I tried calling the doctor but he wasnt picking up his phone. I got ready to leave and packed some clean rags and pillow case. I received a text from the doctor telling me that Thumper's breathing seem to have changed and they had to hook her to an oxygen tank. I panicked and left the house right away.I got to the  clinic at around 4PM today.

I wasnt quite ready to see what was in store for me:

photo taken at 455PM

photo taken at 512PM
photo taken at 607PM
They put a makeshift oxygen mask on her face to facilitate her breathing. Also a lightbulb was placed on top of the carrier to help bring her temperature back to normal. When I first brought her to the clinich she was running a high fever. This time around she was hypothermic.

The set of photos below were taken from 642PM  to 715PM.

the little brown thingey isnt shit but her favorite mousey toy

Thumper and Mousey 2009

she looked drugged when i removed the mask to check on her

Poor baby girl..
Thumper's makeshift "incubator"/ ICU bed/carrier was below the steel table they use to check animals at the clinic. I stayed at the clinic today for 5 hours before I had to go home. If only they would allow me to stay overnight, I probably would. Here are some photos of the other animals in confinement:

 Belgian shepherd dog having his IV drip re hooked

Dalmatian getting his iv dripped hooked

This poor shitzu has 2 other siblings afflicted with parvovirus. Sadly one of them already died and this one doesnt look too well either.

Birman cat named Zoe. She is gorgeous.

Zoe wasnt confined. She was just getting her shots
The improvement in Thumper's condition, in contrast to her worsening breathing condition, is that she is more aware of her surroundings now. The slightest sound like metal drawers being pulled out, chains clanking, dogs barking and people loudly talking would make her eyes glare and her ears perked up. She would even sometimes remove the oxygen mask to check what was going on.

Alert Thumper

I would admit my heart sank when I first saw her this afternoon. I thought she was improving. In fact I thought I could already take her home with me but after seeing her today, I honestly dont know if she will make it..I dont want to be negative though. Im counting on all the positive signs I saw today. 1) When I brushed her belly, she moved her leg up. This means she is still conscious and knows how to show her approval. She normally does this when we stroke/brush her tummy or hindlegs. 2) She would still jut her chin when I rubbed it. 3) She was able to pee and the vet said the quality of her urine is normal and so is the volume. I checked her ears and its warm to the touch. 4) Best of all when I kissed her and called her name, she looked at me and she was kneading her paw on the her little blanket. I think she knows how worried Mommy is and that I love her very very much.

Photo taken at 910PM  a few minutes before I left

I kissed her goodnight and promised her Ill be back in the morning

I took three videos of Thumper using  my old Nokia phone. The quality isnt too good but it will give you a picture of how her condition has changed. On the first video you will see how Thumper lifts her hind leg when she is being brushed. She likes that a lot. The first video was taken on Sunday February 13. The second and third video were both taken today February 16. The third video will give you a better view of how her breathing has changed.

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