Feb 7, 2011

Daily thoughts - Lucky albeit "molested"

Well today wasnt a really good day. I was wasted from lack of sleep and I had to go to 2 interviews this morning. I never made it to both interviews. Although being sleep deprived, I was still alert to notice that a guy was trying to cop a feel on my thigh during that tricycle ride. Yes I was aboard this contraption that shuttles people from our remote neighborhood all the way to the town, when one of the fucking passengers tried to grope on my leg/s.  My limb/s was obviously not going to secure the asshole from falling off the tricycle. I didnt buy his lame excuse that accidentally touching my thigh TWICE (thats why i mentioned leg/s) in a row was really an accident and that he thought it was still part of the motorcycle. Yeah right dumb ass. 

a tricycle
I was sitting on the back of the tricycle (behind the driver) when 3 other guys boarded the vehicle. We were on the tricycle for probably 5-8 minutes when I felt something moving up my thigh so I looked and brushed the fucking hand off of my leg. The guy said sorry and said it was an accident. I knew it wasnt. Ive been riding this kind of vehicle for as long as I remember and Ive never accidentally held on someone's thigh especially on a back ride. When his hand found its way again on my leg, I hysterically yelled for the driver to pull over. I told him I had to get off and them fuckers could pay the fare that I was supposed to. The driver knew who I was since Im a regular and he wasnt actually pissed when I decided to get off. He was just clueless to what was happening though. I decided not to go to town anymore because although it was broad daylight, I just didnt feel right about that ride anymore. Also the route they were taking was the less populated one and if those assholes werent planning to commit a crime, I might still die from heart attack just thinking of the possibilities.

Im very paranoid. I have reasons to be and that includes that disturbing massacre that happened many years ago and unfortunately was not given justice after 19 years. Also, a few years ago, when I was in college, a girl who lived in town rode a tricycle and a few minutes later, she was found dead. It was a case that I have followed over the years but lost track off when I enrolled in Medical school. Im not sure of the outcome of the case but from what I heard later on, it was not resolved. Like most heinous crimes that happen here in my country, a huge majority are not resolved. In 2004 I have been held up while on board a van on my way home to Antipolo.One of the guys who held a gun against my temple even planned on taking me with them. The other guy however said they were just after our cellphones and money and convinced his companion not to hurt anyone. That was a miracle however. An unforgettable yet chilling experience I never got over.

Right now Im still upset over what transpired this morning but grateful that Im okay and I safely made it home.  I dont really know if there is a way for me to avoid things like this from happening again. All I know is, Im still lucky compared to some people who never even had that opportunity to share their story or rather live to tell their harrowing tale.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. Some people are animals.

  2. well it could have been worse.. still fortunate that i had presence of mind to decide what to do at that point. some people may have just let it go until they got to their destination and be upset about it the whole day. i just couldnt. that kind of experience just isnt something I can shrug off.


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