Feb 25, 2011

Daily thoughts - The mystery kitty..solved!

Most of the artworks I treasure at home are those made by my dad. But there also some posters he gave me that I especially like. These 4 vintage posters were given to when I was a little girl. I have one thats almost about to fall apart and the rest are missing. I did remember seeing the black cat poster last year but I dont know where I put it.

the poster in my room

i have this and the 2 other posters below somewhere in the house

I have tried looking it up on the net but I wasnt lucky the past year. Today I tried using Big eyed cat and finallly I found the name of the artist. His name is Gig and he was popular in the 60's. They called these paintings the Pity Kitties. I wasnt able to get a lot of information on him (or her) yet but I will try to research on it when I have the time. I did find these cool sites though:



Im a fan of big eyed arts and it wasnt because of anime. Its that poster that my dad gave that fueled that fascination that evolved into semi obsession. I just love those huge, soulful yet enigmatic eyes of these kind of drawings/paintings.

I found out also there is a book about the Big Eyed Masters. I ll have to check on Amazon if its available or if someone can send me a bootleg copy, that would be great. =)

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