Feb 19, 2011

Daily thoughts - A hole in my heart since Valentine's Day part 4 (February 18 visit)

I just came back from visiting my baby girl Thumper. This time I stayed from 1PM until 8PM. Today is her 5th day of confinement. I was dreading for the visiting hours to end. I wanted to stay longer but the clinic had to close too and the doctor and his staff needed to rest as well. They have all been so busy today. I noticed that the vet clinic seem a bustling business. I was there for 5 days this week and  for the 5 consecutive days people kept coming to bring their pets, buy pet grooming stuff or medicine or just consult the vet for pet related queries. The vet and his staff also did housecalls.

I left the house past 12pm and had lunch first at Jollibee. I walked again from the Cathedral all the way to the clinic. It was vert hot but I didnt want to waste my 20pesos on a tricycle for that short distance. Besides, I also had fun sightseeing. I even ran into two familiar people. One was Cesar the vet assistant, he was riding a bike. He said he was going to buy lunch. Then I ran into Jess, the agent that tops up my phone loading business. He was surprised to see me that time of day in town. I told him I was visiting my cat in the clinic. He seem amused by my story. I told him I may not be able to tend the store for a few days because I have to look after Thumper. He also warned me not to use my phone in that area because a lot of thieves hang out by that area of the road where we were chatting. Ironically though he was holding two handphones and was texting when he pulled over to talk to me. Silly guy.

While walking I saw this mobile store with something cute and furry hanging out on one of its shelves:

store on wheels
store with something extra! 2 cute kitties!
When I arrived at the clinic, I was told that there has been no improvement on Thumper. I wasnt really disappointed because the way she looked yesterday, it seem a miracle that she is still alive and conscious. She is still dyspneic but at least she is also responsive. She had two seizure attacks today. It was really a touch and go moment for me. I thought I was gonna lose her..
Thumper @ 1PM today
I was able to bring my camera this time so I have better quality photos and videos of Thumper. I used my phone on some of the shots because I didnt want the flash to bother Thumper. The night mode setting on my camera sucks.  Thumper wasnt hooked to the oxygen when I got there because the vet said they were cooking something in the kitchen earlier. He said they didnt want to risk any explosion from happening so they had to turn off the oxygen tank for a few hours.

taken at around 1PM

I just stood there by Thumper's side for the entire day. I just stroked her, checked on her breathing like every 5 minutes, changed her bedding because she peed again, wiped her with wet ones, brushed her fur. She still didnt want to eat nor drink I tried giving her some water using the dropper but she reacted wildly to it like it was poison. The vet said she might have been electrocuted through her mouth hence that violent reaction everytime I try to administer anything orally.

One of the animals from yesterday's visit was back. Ruba the pregnant Shih Tzu had persistent fever and pus was coming out of her nipples. She was confined today. Believe it or not but the woman who brought her stayed there until around 6PM then another woman showed up to visit Ruba and 2 men came over also to look after her when the two women left. In total, 4 people came by to visit her on her first day of confinement.They really love that Dog! In fact the guy who came by around 7PM today said that the owner of the dog wants him to stay for the night. He didnt want to and was relieved when I told him its not allowed anyway. WTH? that dog is spoiled!

Ruba on the examination table with Doc Ogie and Cesar

Ruba being comforted by her caregiver

Ruba peeing/shitting on newspapers

Ruba passed out
Their dog was cute. But her female companions werent. They were obnoxious. They really pissed me off. I was about to start bitching after them but I didnt think it was a good idea since I will be back tomorrow. The woman who went there to look after Ruba was talking incessantly about some bullshit I didnt care about. Celebrities, the latest gossip blahdiblahdiblah. She was also ordering everyone around like she was the fucking mayor. "I need newspapers, moved the dog over here, I need a fan!" It was already bad that she requested for the dog to be moved on the same display table where Thumper is. On top of that she also wanted a fan set up so that the dog can sleep. I mean what the fuck? its not a hotel but a damn vet clinic. It was a good thing they had a small fan because the woman wanted the big ass fan on top of the metal cabinet. The vet advised the woman that Ruba had fever and its not a good idea for her to get cold. She was whining that the dog is accustomed to a cold environment. I was like, DUH??? you the vet now?? I was thoroughly upset because I didnt want Thumper to feel cold.

The next woman who visited that dog was equally loud, inconsiderate and they kept poking their fingers to check on Thumper. I had to tell them to stop it and I shushed them because they were being too noisy already. They were turning the clinic into some wet market meeting place. Fuck! If my cat could talk she would probably say the GTFO Fat Bitches Im sleeping! They were very very annoying.  I know they loved their dog but I also love my cat and Im not trying to cause anyone any inconvenience. Their presence was overkill. I even joked that they should have brought the dog to Unciano Hospital (its a hospital for people) instead so they can stay overnight to look after it. They laughed, but I was actually sarcastic=)

Other interesting characters on today's visit were the following:

this puppy has been confined for a few days also. it was crapping blood

they put some tube on this dachsund's ass. they called it "labatiba"

cute dachsund
The other mainstays were still there. The dalmatian named Gypsy, the Belgian shepherd named Reeva and the poor chihuahua that sprayed shit everywhere yesterday. I just used old photos here from the previous post.
Reeva the Belgian shepherd
Poor chihuahua
Gypsy the dalmatian
The day went by so fast. But I didnt really get bored. I was preoccupied taking care of  Thumper.
This time they turned on the tv set too. although I dont really care too much about tv, since it was on, I checked out whatever was playing. I was able to watch an episode of 4 different drama anthologies. I hated all the crying of course but I was a little amused by the variety of stories. I watched Sabel, Juanita Banana, I love you so (korean telenovela) and  Malparida (an Argentine telenovela) . Im not a fan of drama series as such but I got curious after watching these episodes. I think I want to watch this one in particular. hehehe

And again it was time to go home. At 8pm I had to kiss and tuck my baby in. Although she was asleep for most of the day, she is too weak to do anything right now. It was so difficult for me to see her helpless and almost lifeless like that. I miss coming home to my baby girls and finding all of them huddled by the door waiting for me. Now its one cat short..

Thumper lifting her hind leg when i put a blanket on her

My poor baby having a hard time breathing

putting the oxygen mask back on

Consoling my baby

Kissed her before I went home.

Poor Thumper

I uploaded some videos using both my phone and camera.

This video was taken at 113PM. Thumper's oxygen was temporarily removed because they were cooking something in the kitchen and it was near the sick bay area where the animals are.

This video was taken at 156PM. Thumper still not wearing an oxygen mask

This video was taken at 206pm. Finally, Thumper has the oxygen mask hooked up.

This video was taken around 6PM while we were watching the news. Quality is not too good. Used my nokia phone for this one.

This video was taken around 7PM. The dog wailing in the background was Gypsy the dalmatian.

This video was taken around 740 PM while we were watching a basketball game. Notice how Thumper raises her hindleg when I stroked her belly. 

I am still hopeful that my cat will recover..Im aware that after being confined for 5 days, she seems to have not improved at all. In fact, she was fine until the second day. Her condition seem to have worsened since Wednesday afternoon. Miracles do happen sometimes.

Tomorrow I will be going back to the clinic again. I wont get tired doing this until she gets well. Im just worried though that I might not be able to afford her fees....God will provide. He always does.

I feel sad that Im also neglecting my other cats at home. I fed the 3 cats in the room and also the 5 cats downstairs before I left for town today. When I got home around 9pm, it turns out that no one fed them for the evening. So I had to open a can of sardines. I also had to cook more food for the cats and dogs breakfast later. Now Im really very exhausted.

Its going to be another long day tomorrow. Time for me to rest. Im excited to see my Thumper again later..

Hang in there baby girl!

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