Feb 22, 2011

Daily thoughts - back to my hal higdon marathon project

I havent ran for 5 days. I have been busy going back and forth to the vet clinic to check on my precious Thumper and by the time I get home, Im really bushed. I also have to clean the room, wash the dirty beddings that Thumper peed on, prepare my dinner and also feed the 12 animals in the house. I cannot afford to buy kibbles for all the pets so the dogs eat mostly rice and whatever dinner im having. Which means I still have to cook. Business is not doing well too because I havent opened the store for several days either because I havent restocked it with supplies.But today is not the day to feel sad. I feel alive and rejuvenated.

Today I ran for only 3.31 miles in 30 minutes. It felt good to be back. Im more energized and inspired now that my baby girl is home. She was just discharged today and I really felt so happy to bring her home. I intend to keep on running and also resume doing the workout based on the timetable that I originally was following the past few weeks. I was on week 11 the prior week but since I had to put off running to attend to my cat, Ill continue the training plan from the week 11 onwards. I dont want to skip any of the workouts otherwise there is no point in even coming up with this training plan if I will just cheat.

Also I might not join any future weekly races for the next few weeks or months. I want to hold on to my money in case some emergency arises again like what happened to Thumper. That Sunday February 13, I was actually about to leave the house to go to Manila and register for the Unilab 21km run but decided against it. I was worried that my money for the month may not be enough..And true enough, Thumper was indeed sick and every centavo I had was necessary to ensure that her life is saved. I enjoy joining races but some are just too costly and I find it impractical.

Im still going to train for the marathon though but I wont be joining any races unless it is sponsored by a generous friend or any donor. I have to prioritze my baby girls' needs. Although joining races isnt what I consider frivolous, I intend to just do a one time big time on June for the Manila International Marathon. Ill just save my money to get myself a new pair of running shoes since mine is about to celebrate its 2nd year birthday.


  1. Keep running. It'll keep your health and your spirits up, and it's always nice to have goals to shoot for. I'm envious. It snowed again here today. Every time I think I'm about to get back to running, something comes up to throw a wrench in my plans. I miss the thrill of meeting personal goals with physical fitness and running. I keep thinking of how good I felt to be flying down the sidewalks in Singapore.

  2. now that you mentioned it, i do miss running in singapore a LOT. i miss running at night and also eating at the 24 hour hawker afterwards. i also miss running in the park.


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