Feb 14, 2011

Daily thoughts - Sleepless on Valentine's Day

I was planning to spend Valentine's this year by eating at a nice restaurant then going home early to hang out with my cats. Unfortunately, one of my babies, Thumper is sick. I dont know what happened to her but she was noisy and in heat for the past few days then all of a sudden she was quiet, withdrawn and listless. I woke up yesterday and found a pool of pee near my desk. I knew it wasnt Boomer my blind cat since the volume was too much for a 2 month old kitten. So I figured it could either be Thumper or Dapper. But Dapper was energetic the whole day. Then I looked around for Thumper. Strangely she was crouched by the corner of the room laying down with eyes glaring like she saw something scary. So I picked her up and set her by the bed. I spent the afternoon making myself early dinner, feeding the pets in the house and also working out. I ran for 2 hours and spent an hour or so chatting with our neighbor. When I went back to the room, Thumper was still laying on the bed. I thought she was probably just tired. Our cats sleep a lot so this behavior wasnt alarming yet. I picked her up and she didnt seem to care. Normally, she would wriggle her body until I would let go. Or if she does allow me to pick her up, she would look upset when i try to kiss her or rub her belly. But this time, she just seem apathetic. I lay her on the bed and observed her for awhile.

She laid still for a few hours but her eyes were still open and its like she was really shocked over something. I covered her with a blanket. Later she seem to have relaxed but was agitated when our cat Enchong tried to play with her by biting her neck. She also peed on the blanket because of being suddenly roused from her sleep. And for a few seconds, I noticed that she had stopped breathing. So I panicked and picked her up and started stroking her. She just looked at me with her big eyes and started licking her lips. I took an unused medicine dropper, unwrapped it and started giving Thumper water. She lapped it up eagerly. She seemed  really thirsty. I also tried to give her some wet food. She goes crazy over wet food but this time she licked the sheba chicken strips a bit and ignored it. Thats when I knew that she really is sick. I moved her to the dry side of the sheets and put a towel for her to lay on.

She was glaring like this for almost 2 hours

Making her comfortable

Finally, she was able to relax

Passed out
I was awake from evening until 10am this morning. I dozed off for a few hours then woke up around 130PM. Thumper was awake and I touched her ears and it was hot. I took her temperature before I went to bed and it read 38.5 C. This time it was 39.2 C. I grabbed a pair of jeans and got ready to leave. I prepared her cat carrier and put a pillow case on the small matress inside and lined it with a towel. And we were on our way. Thumper was hid under the matress during the tricycle ride. She was apparently terrified. I kinda expected that since the sound of the motorcycle was really grating even to my ears.

Thumper hiding under the matress

view from the door of the carrier

View from top when I opened the carrier

Assumpta Dog and Cat Clinic
We finally made it to the vet clinic but had to wait for the doctor for 30 minutes. Thumper just relaxed in the carrier, still hiding under the little towels.

Pet food

Vet assistant shaving a dog patient

Thumper looking around

Lady with a shitzu named Sugar

Shaved dog

The vet finally came and he checked Thumper and asked some pertinent questions regarding what happened prior to me bringing the cat over. I mentioned to the vet that I have a feeling that Thumper could either be poisoned or was electrocuted. I explained to him that there is a power strip by the window of the room. I always scold the cats when they go there. But since Thumper had been in heat the past few days, she likes going to the window where the power strip is. There are two windows in the room. One is near the closet and the other one near the dresser where I have the power strip set up. The male cats next door like to do theircaterwauling by that side of the window where the power strip is. Thumper is lured to that part all the time no matter how many times I have scolded and smacked her ass. I have a feeling she may have stepped on one of the outlets while I was asleep. The vet seem to agree that the cat looks really shocked. He also took the temperature and it read 40.4 C.  He advised me that the cats need to stay overnight for observation.
I was really hesitant to have Thumper confined but she doesnt want to eat and Im afraid she might also get dehydrated.
Thumper getting an IV inserted

I was surprised at her being so behaved

Her eyes have been like that for most of the day

Thumper inside her carrier

I was against the idea of putting Thumper along with the other animals on sick bay. My cats grew up inside the confines of a bedroom. They are terrified of other animals especially dogs. Plus I am not very sure as to how clean the cages are. It was a good thing that the vet seem to understand my sentiment and he also agreed that its better to just set up the IV drip and let Thumper stay inside her her carrier.

I didnt want to leave but I was exhausted. Also I took two trips to go to the closest ATM to withdraw deposit money for Thumper's confinement. Now, Im really very very tired and sad. I dont want to worry since it wont really help. I just hope that Thumper is in good hands.

One last thing, I showed up at that clinic dressed up in something like I just crawled out of the laundry basket, hair disheveled and my dilapidated eyeglasses hanging unevenly on mostly the right side of my face. In short I was a mess. But the vet assistant seemed to try to flirt with me and be cute by giving me his number when I asked for the actual Veterinary doctor's number. WTF? Im sure its not because he thought I was cute. I think its the effect of the V Day. Maybe he hasnt found a date yet for tonight. LOL.

Oh Thumper baby. Please get well soon. Mommy loves you so much baby girl.

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  1. Opportunistic bastard, trying to use a sick cat as a way to get a date...

    I hope Thumper gets well soon! I miss that cat, and I'd be devastated if she didn't recover.

    Keep us updated!


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