Feb 27, 2011

Daily thoughts - Project Hump

Last December the cat count was 11. Now it is still 11. We have added two cats as of February but we lost also 2 from December to January.

We had a beautiful cat named Gibor who was born around March of 2008. 

March 2009, Gibor and Pretty

March 2009, Gibor with my niece Katharine and our family friend Mariel
March 2009

December 28 2010

December 29 2010 with Pretty

The neighbor found him on their driveway on January 5 2010.

His right hindleg was broken

January 5 2010
I was very upset when I saw him. Especially because I didnt even know who killed him. The previous night that he went missing, I even went joggingn and called his name everytime I passed by the house. I think he was still alive at this time. He may have been ran over a few days prior to his death and the shock from the pain may have been what killed him later on. This is the second cat who died in less than 3 weeks since Elmo,  another 3 year old  cat of ours died too last December 18, 2010.

Dec 16, 2010

Elmo's blood on the street
We put Elmo'sbattered body in a box.

 I got back from a reunion on the evening of December 18 to find Elmo's lifeless body sprawled on the street. One of his eyes looked like it was gouged from its socket.

We buried both pets in our yard but never even found out who killed them.

I understand that roads are meant for cars to drive by. But still, isnt it a driver's responsibility to also ensure he drives carefully and cautiously especially on a residential street?

Ive lived in this neighborhood for years. Ive also learned how to drive here but Ive never ran over any animal.  I am saddened by the death of my pets because no one gives a shit about them except me. In fact our neighbor, who happens to be the current "president" of the homeowner's assocation" didnt even entertain my idea on putting a hump on our street. According to him, we should cage our animals. Cage? his dog  was a hit and run victim too, but miraculously survived (although they were too cheap to bring him to the vet) and now is back roaming the street (which our neighbor denied although im out jogging at night and Danny the dog is ever present.) I would even loudly call the dog everytime Im out so that his stupid owner will hear it.

Im planning on getting a hump built this coming month. I will be asking our neighbors to help me in raising the money or better yet, they can just donate the materials. Ill be donating sacks of cement and even gravel. I worry not just about my pets but even the kids here. A lot of little children play during the afternoon on our street and just like our cats, theyd carelessly just dart out of their house. In fact I was jogging one time when one kid just suddenly came out of their gate without looking either way and tripped  before he almost landed near my foot. He was lucky coz I was able to catch him before his head hit the pavement.

Our street is supposed to have humps to make vehicles slow down because apparently these bastards drive without any regard for any living being that might cross. Im sure it wont be long before a kid gets killed or maimed because of people's apathy on imposing stricter rules. And when that ever happens I wonder if they can say, kids are not supposed to be out in the street playing. They should be locked up at home, or caged?. Ridiculous. I grew up on these streets. There were vehicles when I was growing up, but the drivers were courteous  unlike these assholes who do not live here but use our road like they are in a drag race.

And today, another cat fell victim. The cat we call rapist because I think he is the father of most of the kittens in our house.

rapist on the roof last year

Poor Rapist

I moved him to the vacant lot next door

Rapist's kids : Squid and Maki

Pepper's kids with Rapist: Enchong Dingdong, Coco and Piolo.
RIP Rapist. Im sorry you had to die this way.

I wasnt really fond of him but I didnt want him to get killed ..This cat really infuriates the hell out of our dog Arnold. Rapist is lucky because Arnold is on a leash and helplessly just watches while the Rapist stalks our female cats.

A candle for the killed cats on our street..RIP guys..

I just hope I dont catch any of these drivers killing a pet of mine then escaping from the crime scene. I dont know what Ill do but most likely I would chase them and.. cry? haha I honestly dontknow..but I hope it doesnt escalate to me doing something I might get in trouble for. I know I have a terrible temper and I love these animals eventhough most of them arent really mine.

But for now its better to prevent more cat deaths. Ill start asking around tomorrow on when they want us to have this hump installed. I dont know if I still need to ask the permission of the "president" (f@#%^!). Well he doesnt own this neighborhood and he doesnt care so its rather pointless to ask him.

I was at one of our neighbors house this afternoon and I brought pancakes with me. I fed the kids who frequent my little store.

small and normal sized pancakes



Im glad they loved the pancakes!

I dont know what this guy is saying on the video but he sounds pissed! His hump idea is cool though.

Dude Pranks With Homemade Speedbump - Watch more Funny Videos

Neat huh? hehehe

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