Dec 13, 2010

Daily thoughts - a dog ,a cat and a bastard

I found the perfect marathon training plan online. Today is rest day and I made the most out of this day by running some errands in town. I was supposed to leave early but I had to check the dog next door because it was ran over by some car. They saw who did it but what I couldnt understand is their apathy in not confronting the perpetrator. Worse, it seems the owners of the dog refuse to bring their pet to the vet. I was appalled at their lack of compassion and their odd response. The wife of the owner's dog said that the guy who ran their dog over, should just replace the dog. Replace?? the dog is still alive. It may be crippled but if brought to the emergency clinic in town, the dog can be saved. It was bizarre that they thought if a dog is handicapped, they should just get rid of it and replace it with a new one. I was really shocked to hear that remark. I went to check their dog and told them, they should ask the guy who ran it over, to bring the dog to the vet soon. I ll also make an effort to inform the Philippine animal welfare society in case they have no intention of doing something about their pet.
Danny the dog

Danny obviously in pain
That incident happened around 12pm today. It is 748pm now and I could hear the dog wimpering a few minutes ago. I wonder if they ever did anything about it. I also found out from some reliable source that it is less likely that the owners will bring that dog to the vet. Why I asked. These people eat dogs. They raise dogs so that later on they can kill and eat it. I was like WTF! not only do i find it morally disturbing, i am certain that it is also against the law. Unfortunately, eating dogs is not really that uncommon in this part of the world. Although now, our government is trying to eradicate that practice. Still a lot of people are doing it. In fact I noticed that in town, there is this construction site where I see dogs in cages all the time. But its not a residential area. After a few months, I would notice that the dogs will disappear. At first I thought maybe they were just givng the dogs a bath or something. But since Ive been observing for the past few months, I know there is something fishy going on. Unfortunately, I have no means of proving it. If only I could find a way to prove it I would. I might report it soon, but I have to find something to back up my suspicion.

I mentioned in my previous posts that there are many cats in the house. They arent my cats because I recently just moved back home to take care of my sick Dad. The cats were already here when I came home. I brought 3 cats from Singapore. The cats in the house are not vaccinated and apparently emaciated. My Dad passed away 2 months ago and he is the only one who seem to care about the animals here. He is retired and does not get much from his pension but I remember that he would still allot a portion of his money for cat and dogtreats. When I came back from Singapore, I took on that responsibility. I bought cat food and dog food until my funds ran low. I also bought my dad's medicine and at that time I thought my savings would stretch out for a few months. Unfortunately I failed in my forecast. I was broke on my 3rd month in the country. I looked for a job but it was just too exhausting to shuttle to and from work. Plus the work schedule was crazy. So now Im tending a store and the overhead cost is ok and the sale I make is just enough to get me by. Also, I can afford to buy the cats their food. But 11 cats is just too much. I have to really feed them rice mixed with some wet food to ensure all of them have a meal that will appease them for the entire day. Now, the cats seem to have gotten some flu because they sneeze all the time. One of the kittens, Boomer,developed a severe eye infection that I could no longer ignore. Money is tight but I had to break the bank.

Boomer last November

Boomer a few days ago

Boomer and her mom Pretty

Boomer this morning

inside the bag, on the way to the clinic

Boomer wondering where she is
I stopped for a burger at Burger Machine in Town. While I was there waiting for my brother, a guy named Elijah went to order a Bart Burger too. He saw me fumbling for something inside my bag and propping the paper bag gently on the stool beside me. He peeked inside and seemed overjoyed to see a kitten. I was amazed, he didnt seem disgusted despite the fact that Boomer had some filthy discharge from her eyes. He then told me what I was gonna do with the kitten. I said Im looking for a clinic in town. He excitedly told me that there is a doctor at the municipal hall who checks cats and dogs. He even mentioned that the Mayor loves animals! Wow, now Id like to meet the Mayor.

I wolfed down my burger and followed Elijah. He picked up the bag with Boomer in it and held it with both hands to ensure that she wont jump out. I was really moved at how concerned he was. I was surprised to find out that the doctor there was the vet we used to bring our cats and dogs too. He has a clinic named Good Sheperd somewhere in the town proper also. He checked boomer's eyes and recommended an eye drop called Maxitrol. He prescribed 2 drops per eye twice a day.

Elijah with Boomer
Elijah led us out of the clinic and even showed me this poster which also made me very very happy today. Now I know where to bring the cats to be spayed. The veterinary doctor also told me to come by on January so I can get a stub for their quarterly spaying. The best part, its FREE! you know what they say, if its free it must be good! haha except of course if its STD (venereal disease).

Free spay poster
After I left the town hall, I went to mail some letters and queued up at the ATM to get some money. I almost didnt make it home coz I thought 500 pesos will cover the medicine and also catfood and maybe some groceries. I found out that the Maxitrol cost 348 freaking pesos! Luckily I had some 135 pesos to cover the 1 kilo of catfood. The fare home is 18 pesos.

Boomer asleep while I was at the bank

Boomer still sleeping while I was still waiting at the bank 15 mins have elapsed

Boomer behaved while I was in the tricycle

Boomer passed out on my lap while Im writing this entry

Boomer was very behaved the whole time we were in town. While we were on the tricycle on our way to town, she did try a couple of times to climb out of the paper bag . She tried to escape also when I was having some documents notarized. When I had my passport photo taken at a studio, she tried to sneak out again. I was afraid that the fluffy dog sleeping on the floor would see her. Luckily she went back in the bag and dozed off after I pet her belly.

It was a very interesting day and Im glad I had some important things out of the way now and I can relax. Also I feel happy that Boomer will probably get well soon..

However, Im still upset over our neigbor for ignoring their dog. These are the same people who refused to bring my Dad to the hospital when he had a heart attack. According to my brother, the neighbor made a face when my brother asked for his help because at that time there was no car in the house to take my dad to the hospital. The guy said, he was going somewhere. I was shocked to find this out when I got home. My Dad was in a coma for 3 days before he woke up and was bedridden from then on until he passed away a month later.

So Im not really surprised they wont bring their dog to the vet. They would rather him die. Its sad. They brag about having a kid who is a doctor, having two houses, having a nice car. But they cant even bring their dog, who probably is dying in pain right now, to the damn vet.

I am not saying Im a good person for caring for the animals. I just believe that we have a responsibility to look after those who cant take care of themselves. Animals that are hurt,especially our pets, deserve to be treated like how we treat a sick human being. Dont own an animal if you balk at the idea of caring for them when they get sick or suddenly become handicapped.

To my neighbor, I wish you well. I hope you can sleep at night thinking of your beautiful house and how amazed people are to know you have a nice car and a daughter who is a doctor. I hope the Lord is pleased at how good you are..BAstard.

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  1. That poor kitten looks like shit. I hope it gets better!

    As for these bastards that don't care about their injured dog... I hope their house burns down.


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