Dec 29, 2010

Daily thoughts - lotslotsa cats and lotsakids

A few days ago I wrote a post about how three of the cats in the house were "discarded" somewhere. I found the two cats the same day. I almost gave up on Squid but yesterday I was lucky. Thank God I found him!

I was supposed to throw a little party today to celebrate Thumper's birthday and also because I found Squid. But I was really tired due to lack of sleep. So I just promised the kids next door that Id make them hotcakes tomorrow.

Im especially fond of one of the kids because he really likes cats. He adopted two cats from the house. One is Buco Melon and the other one is Coco.He is also very polite everytime he buys from the store. He is also fond of books. He in fact wants to borrow my cats for dummies book. He also helped me look for the cats on the first day they went missing. I plan to give him some of my books and toys when I move overseas next year. I think he earned it.

I took some photos also today of the cats and my little "sukis"

L-R: Gabby, Bembem, Tenten, Marcus

cats L-R: Maki, Squid, Coco, Enchong. Pretty is the one in front

Pretty (gray one) and Gibor

Pretty and Gibor

Pretty, Squid, Marcus holding Enchong, Tenten, Bembem and Gabby

In front of the store

so many cats

Marcus holding Enchong, Bembem looking and Tenten holding Coco

Marcus and Enchong

Baby Gibor




Maki taking a dump. hahaha

I had a great time chatting with these boys today. Also, Im happy that Squid is home.
These boys really make me smile everyday. Although there are times they drive me crazy. One of them would press the doorbell of the store and flee. Its actually very annoying. Id be coming down from my room (from the 2nd floor) to discover that noone is there. They pull this prank thinking I wouldnt find out. Well, someone always rats on the culprit because I have the power to bribe with treats from the store. Hehe.

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