Dec 21, 2010

Daily thoughts - toys for the little ones

It's 4 days before Christmas. I am excited especially because Ill be celebrating it for the first time with my 2 nephews. I still feel sad that my Dad will not be around. I spent the last 3 Christmas in Singapore and although the decorations were beautiful over there, its not the same. It is still best to celebrate Christmas with family. 2008 and 2009 were exceptionally great however since I was able to spend it with my husband and our cats. This time around though it will just be me, my cats and my family. Still I dont want to ruin it just because I cant have what I want for Christmas. Ill have to make do with what he have.

For starters, I bought my nephew a race track toy which didnt really cost me a fortune like I was expecting. I havent given him anything for the past 3 years when I was overseas. I was planning to give him a Transformer toy but when we went to the mall last night, we found this neat race track instead. The bummer was, it just arrived and the guys at the store had to assemble it first for us to test whether its working.

It started out with two guys trying to put the whole thing together. We got there around 920PM and the store closes at 10PM. When the store was about to close, more people from the shop joined in to help.

We left the store around 1030PM. I had to apologize to the counter although it wasnt really my fault. They should have had an assembled sample on the floor in case people were interested to check it out. Besides, one of the store clerks suggested the toy to me. I first saw a small version, then a medium sized one. Then he excitedly told me they had one with an elevator! So I had to see it!

The good news is, my nephew loved it. His dad (my brother) had to reassemble some pieces. Some of the tracks have been incorrectly connected, no wonder the whole thing was wobbly (the guys brought the assembled piece in the car by the way).

my nephew amused with the other toys

medium sized race track
I was about to walk away from the store but I realized I didnt have anything for my baby birls Thumper and Dapper. So I got them the medium sized race track and one additional car!

Thumper inspecting

Thumper excited!

Thumper sniffing one of the lampposts
The baby girls loved it! Thumper even was dozing off but still watching till one of the car's battery died. I am so happy I got them this special treat.

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