Dec 22, 2010

Daily thoughts - kindness, animals, miracle

I got up this morning and I felt great. I ran the previous night and I slept in for 9 hours. I opened the store and I was in a cheerful mode until I realized that 3 of the mainstay cats were missing. Normally when I call them for feeding time, without fail, they would show up. Maki and Squid especially. Eversince I moved here 6 months ago, Ive been feeding these cats and also cleaning up after them because they are not familiar with litter boxes. I have also been taking care of 4 kittens that were born around September. Out of the 4 kittens, there was one left, Enchong. His sibling Coco was adopted. The other two werent too fortunate. Dingdong and Piolo both died. Recently also one of the cats here, Elmo, was ran over by a car. We dont know who did it but Im sure God does. Ill let the Lord deal with that asshole. So from the 13 cats Ive been taking care of, this is the latest list: Glory, Gibor, Coleman, Enchong, Maki, Pretty, Boomer and my own 2 cats Dapper and Thumper.

This morning I got the shock of my life when I couldnt find Maki, Squid and Enchong. I knew there was something wrong. I was certain someone got rid of them. It was just too obvious. I was really very upset the entire day. I did the laundry and tended the store but I couldnt stop thinking of the 3 cats. Around 530PM I decided to go for a run. My sister in law suggested I run around the neighborhood and I might find the cats. I prayed. I normally dont run around the neighborhood after 530PM. I just run up and down our street. But this time I had a goal. I want to prove that the cats didnt just run away. Someone threw them somewhere and was hoping they would get killed or just get lost.

I was near the chapel when I spotted a black thing moving. My heart leapt. I told myself, if God helps me find the cats, I promise Ill take good care of them and not neglect them again. I saw Maki and Enchong. It was a miracle that the kitten was not run over by a car. I even talked to a lady telling me that they saw the cats earlier and were surprised at how sweet and friendly they were, especially Enchong.

I scooped Enchong in my arms and brought him to my brother's store. I told them Ill come back after I get the other cat Maki. I wasnt lucky to find Squid though. It took awhile to coax Maki to come out of the bushes. Once he did, I was able to pick him up and convince him he will be safe with me. I carried him to the store and I was glad I ran into Marcus ( a kid who adopted Enchong's sibling Coco) and he took Enchong and we headed home.  Both cats were purring when we carried them! They seem really happy to be going home. Im not sure if they were aware but Makmak responds to his name. And when I called them earlier at the chapel, they knew who I was.

I dont know why I feel like this about animals. If some people get excited over new shoes, new electronics, new expensive stuff, I dont hold it against them. To each his own. But for me, making one animal happy truly makes me happy as well. Tomorrow, Ill have to go out and look for Squid. Then I can say, I will have a perfect Christmas.

Thank you Lord for such a miraculous day. I appreciate the kindness of some people and also your generosity.

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