Nov 27, 2010

Daily snapshots - Critters, I mean kittens in the house

Currently there are four kittens in the house namely Enchong, Dingdong, Piolo and Boomer. Our Siamese cat pepper gave birth to four kittens a few months ago. One (Coco) was adopted by our neighbor. This month Pretty has a new kitten and I named her Boomer.

From L to R : Piolo, Coco, Enchong an Dingdong

clockwise from bottom: Enchong, Dingdong, Piolo and Coco
Here is a recent photo of Boomer. I am treating her eye cause it seems to have an infection.

These cats give me a headache everyday but I cant resist them. Here they are pretending to be on their best behavior.
Enchong and Piolo

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  1. Boomer looks like she had a stroke in that picture.


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