Nov 11, 2010

Daily thoughts - a Welcome to Globe freebie!! ..err NOT!

Currently, Im a subscriber of Globe Telecoms. There are three main subscribers in my country, namely Globe, Smart and Sun. Why I chose globe is merely due to the availability of it when I had my first cellphone a decade ago. Also, most of my family have globe numbers as well. So its feasible when taking advantage of promotions they have for unlimited texting. 

I have also subscribed to their broadband service and most recently i got myself their Retailer Sim. That means I can sell credits to customers using my phone. 

Ive been having issues with my broadband but its quite manageable. They are actually pretty efficient when you log a complaint. They send their guys to look at your connection and ensure its fixed within 2-3 days. Although there were times they didnt show up at all and never bothered to let us know. Other than that, Ive been quite happy with the services Ive been getting. But I always seem to have an issue with their customer service every single month.

I purchased a retailer sim last October 28 2010 for my variety store.I received a pleasant surprise through sms a few days after I bought Globe's retailer sim


I was so excited when i got this message. Of course it's free. I didnt ask for this bonus but its nice to get something like this as a welcome or thank you gift from Globe. 

After a few days I decided to claim my free one day unlimited messaging privilege. however, this was the message I received after I tried to register

I called up 211 and I spoke with a guy named Finn. He tried to assist me and was very polite during the call. He seem to really want to help me but according to him it was not within the scope of his responsibility to make any adjustments. This is because  they havent received word that there is such a promotion going on. He said, what he knows is that this has already expired in September. He gave me a reference number and asked me to contact 2629. 

The next agent I spoke to was an Erwin. This guy didnt even remember my name and was very impatient and showed no empathy or genuine concern about my issue. I got pissed and told him that honestly it only costs 20 pesos to get unlimited texting. This is really not a big deal. Its just annoying that they would send me such a message if it is untrue. Then he went on and on to tell me to turn off my phone and try it again, but later explained that this promotion for free messaging is meant for overseas foreign workers only. I was like huh?? thats not what the other guy said. Besides, the message I received did not show such information nor did it show any validity period. I had to argue with him over them sending me a message that was bogus and I only wanted to know whats the deal with them making false advertisements and bothering their customers. So this guy eventually had to escalate the matter to his supervisor whose name is Francis Reyes. It took forever before he answered the call. I kinda understand though that they might be having a queue of calls. I bet Im not the only customer with this concern.

Well they wasted an hour of my time. 

I spoke to Francis, gave him the reference number and found out that the previous agent didnt even know my name. What the hell. Customer service was an EPIC FAIL for Globe on this one call. The supervisor incessantly apologized but I admit I was unforgiving at that moment. In fact they can shove that free sms up their ass. I wasnt interested anymore. I just find it stupid that they would send such sms blast and they cannot follow through.

The conclusion, no freebie for me! Thanks a lot Globe!! F#$%&*^!!!

Unfortunately I am stuck with these bastards. both for my personal broadband and my prepaid sim.. and yes I will still be selling their sms credits and sim cards at my sari sari store. 
Globe you suck!!! so do I because Im still your subscriber. DAmn!

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  1. Globe's customer service is always shitty. This is nothing new. Fucking losers that they are.


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