Nov 23, 2010

Daily thoughts - My first Animo Run

Last Sunday I woke up at 330 am to get ready to go to Mall of Asia in Manila. A few days ago I mentioned that I have signed up for Animo run.

I had to leave the house early since i live far from the city. It takes usually 1-2 hours to get to the city during rush hour but since it was a Sunday, I took my time getting ready. I double checked my bag to make sure I didnt leave any essentials behind. Wallet, beltbag, mp3, face towel, toilet paper, phone, extra socks, watch (dilapidated and strapless), and water bottle. By the time me and my little running buddy were ready, it was 430am. I also had to brush my teeth downstairs before we finally left. We hopped on a tricycle and took a special ride. I was pretty certain noone was planning to go to town that early. We were also lucky that there were tricycles available that early and on a Sunday. 

We got to town around 5am. We rode a jeepney going to Crossing and it took forever before all the seats were occupied. Jeepneys normally dont leave if there are vacant seats. So we left around 510am. The ride was actually very fast. We were in the city by 540am, however I realized that the assembly for the run was at 530am. I kept thinking I wouldnt make it. We were at the mrt station at 550am and i was putting on my race bib just in case I do make it before the gun start.

When we got to Taft station of the mrt, we took a cab and we got to Mall of Asia around 620am. The run just started. The cab was in traffic so we got off and joined the people running. Yes, we didnt really start from the official starting line. The run had started and if we waited for the cars to move, we wouldnt have made it. So yeah we kinda cheated but it was like only a few meters away from the starting line though. 
So me and my buddy didnt have time to leave our stuff at the baggage drop area. We just ran clad with heavy pants (that I was planning to take off prior to the run) and a duffel bag. My tiny companion carried the bag because she didnt want me to leave her behind and wait for me to finish.

runners..walking ;)

my new running buddy Jemarie

Most of the runners were obviously kids or students. Majority of them were walking too. We jogged however.

We couldve run faster but since we were out of time when we arrived at the venue, we were unprepared. Also, during the entire time we couldnt wait to use the toilet. I couldnt find one so I had to look around the SEaside area. Thank God I found a Starbucks nearby. On our way there, I saw this cute kitty on one of the closed restaurants.

Thank you STarbucks for letting us use your toilet!I have to admitI cant imagine using one of the portalets provided by the organizers. 

We saw this huge tree by the seaside park.

My buddy looked relieved once we crossed the finish line.

Overall we had a good time. But the run did not really push me to try hard. It was in fact easier than the usual runs I do here just in our neighborhood. I will probably exert more effort on my next run. Also I will be ready and on time!

runners at the finish line

After the run, my good friend Jenny picked us up to have breakfast at Pancake House. She just got off from her duty at Manila Doctors Hospital. She treated us to tapsilog, tocilog, longsilog and hotcakes. That was a delicious breakfast!

And finally she gave us a lift to the train station. We passed by our university.

It was a tiring but very interesting and eventful day. I got home around 1pm. We spent so much time chatting during breakfast. I cant wait to join another running event and have a hearty meal with old friends afterwards. 

Animo La Salle! Thank you to the organizers of the 8th Animo Run!

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  1. Wow! Looks like you had a good time! I enjoyed the photos! And that food looks great! I miss having that sort of thing to eat. I really need to find a Filipino restaurant around here.


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