Nov 3, 2010

Daily thoughts - Im a sucker for giveaways

Ive been following a recent blog lately of this interesting dancer who has fallen in love with one of my favorite passions: Running. She documents her workouts, upcoming races and motivational insights on her site. I came across her page while I was browsing for additional race information on a local running website. 

I find her blog informative, animated and engaging. She seem to be an epitome of an ideal wife/mother. Living healthy, managing a family and even has the time to blog about it.

Although I havent written any article for the past few days, I feel compelled to do so today. Yes there is a freebie involved thats why. Hahaha. The blogger Ive been following has a giveaway contest going on. A runner's road ID is up for grabs and it would be neat if i get to win it on my birthday ( Nov 5)!

Here is my dream ROAD ID in orange, my favorite color:

It's pretty neat with all the pertinent information needed in case you get into an accident, whether or not youre running or out somewhere. You may check this link also to view the photo above.

I cant imagine running with a dog tag anyway.


  1. awww...thank you for this! I was just gonna check out who you are and I was surprised to see this post. =)

    I noticed you only submitted one entry. It's best you submit more than one to increase your chances of winning. Did you see how the others did it in my comments section?

    "I follow you here"
    "I liked you on facebook"
    "I added you to my blog roll"

    each posted in separate comments. =)

  2. I used to run with dog tags on. Woof woof!


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