Nov 24, 2010

Daily thoughts - daily jog, a bday celebration and a bag of chips!

I slept in today and opened the store around lunchtime. I thought sales would be bad since normally people buy a lot of stuff in the morning like toothpaste, coffee, shampoo, soap or dishwashing liquid and food. But around mid afternoon kids flocked the store to get soda and chips. I spent the afternoon just tending the store and reading my Cats for dummies book. By 5pm I donned my running attire and went jogging up and down my street. I had to stop after Ive ran for 17 minutes because our neighbor wanted to buy some beer. He said that the youngest boy in their house Bembem is celebrating his birthday. I thought it was funny. The kid just turned 3 years old and they were having beer to celebrate it. So I gave Leland (the neighbor's name) 2 bottles of Red Horse beer and I resumed jogging. I also decided to take our dog Murgit to run with me. I noticed that she has been on a leash forever and needs some exercise. She was excited! Unfortunately, her excitement only lasted for 5 minutes. I had to run 8 minutes more to complete my drill for the day. Everytime I would pass by Bembem's house, the people there would call me and ask me to drink with them. I hollered that Id join them once Im done running. But I realized afterwards that I havent really drank beer for quite awhile. Occasionally maybe but Ive lost that interest in drinking when I lived in Singapore. My husband and I dont really care too much about beer.There was a time that I could consume 10 bottles of San Mig Light and still be conscious. Gone are those days. I dont know if its because Im older now or simply that was a phase that I went through due to boredom in Medical School.

Bembem is one of the little boys that frequent my store. Here is a photo of him with Charles and Tenten (Bembem's brother)

I found a photo of him that I took way back in 2008 on my then fiance's first visit to the Philippines

Bembem in 2008
Its amazing how time flew so quickly! In fact the boy who lives at the corner of our street was the same age as Bembem now when I went to college. Now he buys cigarette from my store and he told me he graduated from college. WTH.I feel so old! Hehehe

Maybe when I leave for the US and come back, one of these kids probably has finished college or has hooked up with a chick and settled down.

So anyway, I joined them and I brought some puttanesca I made the other night and a bottle of Coke (1Liter). They seem so grateful because they didnt really prepare any food since payday will be on the 30th. We just had some chips, cheese, some sisig, red horse, the puttanesca I brought and coke. But we really had a good time. We exchanged stories about my Dad and how life was way back when we were kids.

I also told them about blogging and how the photo of the 3kids are on the internet because I mentioned them in one of my journal entries. They seem so amused and excited about it. Blogging is not really that popular yet this part of the world. I told them also about my plan to eat 11 packs of chips and make a review about it. They thought it was funny and they want to read the review once Im done. Ive eaten two bag of chips as of today. So Ill go in on more details about that once all the chips are gone! I also asked Bembem's eldest brother Marcus to help me consume the chips and tell me what he thinks. After all, kids are my number one customers! Their opinion matter.

Marcus and baked cheezy puffs

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