Nov 27, 2010

Daily thoughts - Losing another pet

This morning my brother told me the sad news that his cat died. He sounded really sad and upset over it. I know how he feels since Ive been there many times. His cat is a 3 year old Siamese given to me by a friend in 2007.



Three years ago, I adopted a mommy siamese and her brood of 4 kittens.

Three of the kittens are obviously Pepper's. One looks like it got lost and found its way to my friend's house. I remember the story was that, suddenly something fell from the roof and landed on the padded bed or box where Pepper was with her kids. The story sounds funny but it is likely. I dont know if its possible for a siamese to have 3 of the same kind and one strikingly different. Anyway, the newkitten became an instant sibling of the other three siamese.

Ginger and her siblings

Pepper and kitten

Ginger passed out

four fluffies of joy
I named the kittens, ginger (the 3 colored cat), basil, marjoram and curry. Later on the names were changed when my brothers adopted them. The new names were Coleman, Elektra and Eggnog. Ginger unfortunately passed away a few months after I left the Philippines. He was sunbathing in front of our house when a dog bit him. I cried when I found out. I also felt sad no one adopted him just because he wasnt siamese like his siblings. I would have taken care of him if I was at home. He wasnt thrown out,or anything like that. He still lived with at my parents house. its just that my brothers were living elsewhere and the cats they adopted will live with them too.

cute Ginger
Ginger, Eggnog, Elektra and Coleman

Mommy Pepper and kittens

I dont know who this is. hehe

Pepper after being brushed and groomed

Pepper and her babies


2 siamese kitties plus 1 mommy

me and ginger
My brother really loved his cat Coleman. He didnt really care too much about the other cats in the house but he showered Coleman with affection and better food too. The other cats seem more like pests to him. I dont blame him. Im living in the house right now and it is chaotic! No matter how many times i lead them out of the house after Ive fed them, they would go back in and make a damn mess. Im actually getting tired of taking care of them however I still dont have the heart to get rid of the bastards. 

Thats a lot of damn critters right? now that Coleman is gone, the number of cats is 12. Including my two baby girls. One is missing also when I checked downstairs. Piolo, she is my favorite among the new litter. She is sweet and unlike her two siblings, she knows how to wait for her turn to eat. I hope she is just went somewhere and will come back later for dinner. 

Right now my brother and his wife are digging a hole in our yard to bury Coleman. I had to go there and pay my last respects. It is really very sad to think that they really took good care of that cat and still it died young. From what the previous owner's boyfriend told me, UTI is the most probable cause. It is quite prevalent in male cats especially this kind. Coleman seem to have some problem taking a piss a few weeks ago but then he was able to pee again this week. I am unsure of the cause of his death, but I know he was really loved and cared for by his foster parents Cherry and Mar.

I will truly miss him. It is unfortunate that he died just a few weeks before Christmas. I was even planning on making some santa outfits for the cats here. 

For the short life he lived, I am sure he was happy and grateful. Rest in peace my fluffy baby Coleman. We love you!!!

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