Oct 26, 2010

Daily thoughts - sari sari update

Finally, my sari sari store has opened for business! It still needs some work but it looks a lot better now after we have spruced it up a bit and added the goodies. During the first day I had only one customer and it was my mom. hahaha funny yeah. But the store didnt attract too many people because it was raining hard and also I did not have much groceries. The store looked empty and sad. 

front of sari sari
shelves with some groceries
Ive been sick the past 2 days too and I havent had the time to getadditional supplies. Yesterday, my eldest brother drove to the town with me and we bought more stuff. Ive set up the place and it seems more people have noticed that the old store (my brother used to operate it a year ago) is back to life! 

more candies now!

shelves with more stuff

first customer- Pepper (hehe)

I know it will take awhile before I get my investment back. But really, Its not about the money. This is one of the few things Ive always wanted to do for my dad. He wanted a small sari sari to tend. Unfortunately he is not around anymore.  I just like getting this place set up and putting it under his name. Eddie's sari sari store. It makes me smile.

The tough part now is to keep myself from eating all the delicious chocolates and candies. Ive already consumed 5 tiny bottles of coke. I paid for it though and put it in the money box Hehehe.

store at night
Have to get the light and chickenwires tomorrow! Good night!

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