Oct 9, 2010

Who's in charge? Me! -Setting up my sari sari store

In my About me Tab, I mentioned that I graduated with a degree in BS Biology. On top of that, it would take a mere 8 months for me to finish my Medical Degree and be a Doctor of Medicine. Of course I still have to take a qualifying licensure exam in order to officially tag my name with an MD. So with all these degree up my sleeve, it is not surprising that I get a shocked reaction from my friends when I told them that I want to tend a sari sari store.

I have also worked as an agent for several call centers here and abroad and have earned 5 certifications from the Singapore College of Insurance. In fact I constantly get calls from employers for good offers if I sign up for their financial accounts. Originally, I wanted this store so I can work at home to take care of my Dad. Now that he is not around, I have more freedom to do anything I want and find a job that can sustain me. But Ive been contemplating that I want more time to do the things I love instead of getting a bigger income.

So, as unglamorous at it may sound, I think getting set up with this sari sari store business will allow me more time to read books, paint, hang out with my cats and even prepare for the marathon Im aspiring to join by end of this year or early next year.

Maki, one of our cats

Thumper and Piolo (yup there is a cat on the belly)
Pepper and kittens

My Singaporean cats

Starting a sari sari store is not really that complicated. You just need a small spot in front of your house, and of course a little capital. Our neighborhood is 20 minutes away from the town proper that sells practically everything. A tricycle ride is cheap and you can get everything you need at least once a week. Sometimes however you miss some items that you may need urgently. That's how these little convenience stores come in handy. Soda, cigarettes, instant noodles, canned goods, rice, soap,shampoo, detergent and mosquito coils are among the basic things that residents here normally use on a daily basis. You can add to that list stuff like vinegar, soy sauce, salt and sugar. You just need the basic items to get set up with your own little business.

inside a sari sari store (source : wikipedia images)

There are several small stores already in our area but they also have items that are not readily available. Ill have to go around and do some research so I can sell the goods that these other stores may not have. Although I think, they might have it most of the time. Im considering to supply mainly rice since not all the stores here buy a whole sack of rice since it is costly if not bought by the bulk. I already have a tiny area in front of our house that was previously a store my younger brother used to operate. Since he now has an internet cafe/mini restaurant, I can take over his old store. I dont even have to invest money to have the place built. All Ill be needing would be some cleaning materials and little canisters to put some of the goods.

small sari sari store in a province

Im really excited with the prospect of running my own business no matter how small it is. I might also add a top up for phone  credits for GLOBE and SMART subscribers. The possibilities are endless! Yeah the enthusiasm is overwhelming. Now I just have to clean that area downstairs and get the supplies in town. Also Ill be setting up my command center in the living room so I can surf the net or read my ebooks while waiting for customers=)

My command center


  1. I'd say 'good luck', but I'm sure you'll be successful. Have fun with it!

  2. Is your sari-sari store still around?

  3. HI Mysarisari, im sorry for the very late response. i have been awfully busy the past couple of weeks. the store has been closed since 2011. unfortunately it was a short lived stint that despite being memorable had to inevitably close. my cat was sick for a week and i had to close it and i also found a job that paid the bills more.


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