Oct 20, 2010

Daily thoughts - empathy

Quote for the day "some people assume that they know what another person is going through. they give unsolicited advise among others. when all they could do is just leave the person alone and let him deal with it, in his own pace. remember, you cant tell a smoker to quit smoking if youre not a reformed smoker."

among the things i hate most is getting a person's opinion on how to deal with MY life. sometimes, im a little guilty of that. But most of the time, i let my friends deal with their own shit. not that i dont care, but i simply believe that no matter how many times you tell a person to snap out of it, you cant make him. it is still up to him to do that. you can only do so much. also, once is enough. there is no point reiterating the same message over and over. 

lately ive been getting some flack for not getting over my father's death and moving on. the worse part is these people dont even have an idea of what im going through. the nerve to lecture me about moving on when both their folks are still alive. i am completely aware that there are other people in worse situations than i am. that does not make it easier for me though. besides, what right do these bastards have to tell me how i should feel when they honestly have no clue how it feels like. 

annoying i reckon. one day ill be okay but until then, all i can say to these people is FUCK OFF. let me mourn and ill do it until im tired of being sad and then ill move on.

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  1. Funny. Before I read that last paragraph I was thinking the same thing. Just tell them to fuck off.


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