Dec 7, 2010

Daily thoughts - Taking time off

The past few days I think I have burned myself out from tending the store, washing clothes, running and taking care of all the animals in the house. Im not really complaining. Im just saying that it is tiring. I feel beat at the end of each day and when I get up in the morning I do the whole routine again. Also there is water shortage in our place so I have to haul water every night to my bathroom for shower and to brush my teeth. This weekend I had fun hanging out with my brothesr, sister in law and my 3 year old niece for a change.

We had a delicious meal at this Mey Lin Chinese Restaurant. I thought was in a food coma from stuffing my face like I havent eaten for weeks.

seafood noodle
sago and gulaman

chow fan
Not included in the photos were the shrimp dumplings and some steamed fish that was so delicious. It had spring onion and slices of ginger and came with sauce. God I could eat forever in that place. It was really very good.
We spent a great deal of time sharing stories while we ate. After that we went for a stroll in the mall and moved to another mall coz my other brother arrived with my niece. Then me and my niece got on the crazy bus

crazy bus
Then we looked around at the movie theater to see whats playing. WE didnt watch though and we decided to put it off next time. We did have fun getting some snapshots taken.

my sister in law

my crazy brother

my niece


We spent a few hours at that arcade called Tom's World and we did have fun. although I mostly just watched the kids play. I did play that game where you hammer a little critter coming out of a hole.

We had ice cream on our way home.

I really had a wonderful Sunday with my siblings, sisters in law and niece. I think I need two days off not just one. Hmm if only I could also have a Friday off but that would be really lazy. I wouldnt be able to pay for my internet if I do that. That would be sad.

I got home and I was excited to be with my baby girls. I felt kinda guilty coz i didnt have any treats for them. Just a huge bag of kitty litter.

It is indeed rejuvenating to have a relaxation day at least once or twice a week. It gives you the energy to take on another grueling week of work.

Im looking forward to this coming weekend again=) Working motivates me to look forward to the weekend ahead. The weekend restores my energy for the upcoming work week. Its probably the healthy way to look at this typical routine.


  1. It sounds like you had a really good time! The Crazy Bus looks like a lot of fun!

  2. yeah it was fun although i hate heights. i cant imagine riding a rollercoaster again. i might have a stroke. hehehe


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