Dec 18, 2010

Daily thoughts - A reunion

Im getting ready to go to our school varsity's team reunion. I havent seen my teammates for 12 years and Im really excited to see whoever can make it to the reunion later. So right now Im cooking a huge pot of rice and Ill be putting it in a huge container and taking it with me to the venue. I know this will bring back lots of memories. When I was in college we used to the whole route from my coach's house all the way to the cycling station. I think its more than 10k and I hated it all the time. The only perk to the training is the meal afterwards. We would have a big breakfast before heading home. The road run is usually done on a Sunday. Now that Im older and back into running again, I do miss being that resilient and carefree. I was never injured in College and the only complaint I had was the usual shin splints. But other than that, I never got any serious injury which is great. I also miss how strong I used to be. I could train in the morning and also in the late afternoon. And most of the time, I can do all that even if I had only 5 or 6 hours of sleep daily. There are even times I would have only 2 hours of sleep before a race. The part I hate though is the actual race day. I can remember how nervous I used to be and its like Im gonna have diarrhea before every event. I ran the 400m and 800m dash and the  4x100m and the 4x400m relays. During my track days I didnt really win the gold or even silver. The best I had was the bronze medal which is a team effort too. We usually bagged the 4x100 and 4x400m third place.

In hindsight, running has taught me more than to go beyond what I think my body could do. I would say it helped me become tougher mentally and have that trait to not give up right away. My college track memories are probably what I miss most when I was still in a university. No worries and no vices. With the rigid training and the company of non smokers nor drinkers, it was just impossible to even consider  the idea of trying to take a sip of alcohol or a drag on one stick of cigarette. That was the life back then. Simple yet great. All I had to do was just run and study.

I cant wait to go back and reminisce with my old friends later.

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  1. That does sound like good. Simpler times. I miss running too. I miss how good I'd always feel. Anyway, enjoy your reunion! I hope you have a lot of fun.


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