Dec 30, 2010

Daily thoughts - gear time

I received a package from my husband today. Among the items inside is a book about a blind cat, cat toys, special cat food, ant bait, chocolates, dvd and other food that I love! Im really excited to start reading the book so this post will be short.

box of goodies!

I cant wait to read this

Goodie box contents!
I was planning to write a review about the fitness tracker I bought last December 9 2010. But Ill have to put that off another day. Just a quick run down. I had an old beat up Timex watch I bought in Singapore 3 years ago. It has fallen apart and I needed to have the strap replaced. I brought it to be fixed at the Timex service center at Megamall but they didnt have any strap at that time. I saw this fitness tracker instead and decided to get it as a Christmas and Birthday gift to myself. I havent bought anything extravagant for the year because I spent most of my money for my Dad who was very sick.

This watch also sort of reinforces me to keep running. On days I feel lazy, I remind myself that I splurged on this so I might as well use it. Its still cheaper compared to other types of watches. But since Im very stingy, for me this is already expensive and I want to make the most out of this investment by really using it.

The watch and tracker cost 5490PHP (125USD) and it came with a free lady's watch. I checked the actual rate online and its cheaper if you get it overseas, its like half of the amount I paid. But I would admit that I really like this watch. Ive been using it for my workouts the past few days and Im very pleased. I will have to key in more details on the review next time. Some photos of my new running gear and also my favorite old timex.

old strapless timex

fitness tracker and free watch

sleek watch
Here is a video on how to calibrate the watch:

I honestly find the calibration process a little confusing. I followed the instruction manual but I should have looked up this information online instead. The video gives a simpler description.

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  1. I'm glad you're enjoying the gifts!

    I suppose getting a new item specific for running would motivate me to do it more too, so I wouldn't feel like I wasted the money.


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