Dec 4, 2010

Daily thoughts - Im a sucker for giveaways part 2

Im currently training for my first marathon. A few months ago, I wrote an entry that I will be joining it at the end of the year, unfortunately I had to put off that plan to take care of my Dad. 

I have been consistently running again for the past 4 weeks. It feels really great and Im happy I made that commitment to follow through with it. I ran for a 5k event on my 2nd week of running. My time wasnt really something to brag about but I did have fun and I was looking forward to joining another one.

This time, my resolve is firmer. I do want to run that marathon before I move to New York next year. In line with this objective, I plan to join more races in my country before ultimately running the 42K. The problem now is Im on budget constraint. And although the idea has crossed my mind, I am not comfortable on being a running bandit. I have nothing against running bandits, I just personally think it would be unethical if I partake in a race and not contribute to the fee to pay the organizers. Also, what if I pass out and have to be brought to the hospital? I wont be insured or people might not even be able to identify me. In case they do, I wouldnt want it to come out on print that "A running bandit named ***** just collapsed on the 15th mile" and that would be very humiliating. In fact being branded as the bandit may even be worse than not finishing the race. So, this is my dillema. I can run but it is hard to part with my money especially since Im feeding 13 cats and 5 dogs in our house. 

It is wonderful when I do come across sites that offer some sort of "raffle" for race kits. People normally want to win cash freebies or anything that involves high end items like signature bags, shoes, appliances, makeup or trips abroad or the like. I simply want a race kit! It sound crazy right? But if I can get it for free why not? Material things really dont appeal to me that much unless its food. Id love to have nice stuff too but I would prefer to save up to get those. On the other hand if something is up for grabs especially for a running event, I wouldnt mind trying out and who knows, I might even win!

So Im again hoping that this time I may be one of the two lucky winners for the Condura Run Race Kit giveway. I dont want to kiss anyone's ass to win this prize. But I do like reading this person's blog on a daily basis now. She really inspires me because I cant imagine how she can juggle her career, family and running.

I run a store, take care of my cats and run at night. But by the end of the day I usually feel bushed. I am lucky if I have time to blog about my day or even play with my two baby girls and chat with my husband.
I am really amazed at how some people do it. Hopefully i can manage my time better in the future too.
This marathon is on my bucket list though. Whether I win this freebie or not, show must go on. I will run that marathon by next year. 

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