Feb 20, 2011

Daily thoughts - A hole in my heart since Valentine's Day part 5 (February 19 visit)

This post will be short and I will just fill in on the details tomorrow. Im still tired. This week was probably one of the most stressful weeks Ive experienced since my Dad passed away. My Dad succumbed to congestive heart failure 4 months ago. I was both working at that time and also taking care of him. I would show up at work real haggard and exhausted. And when I came home I had to change his diapers, chat with him a bit and clean his wounds. Taking care of him was hard, but its his imminent death that really tore me up. It was the most difficult phase in my life. I mean, dealing with his death. There are times that I still break down when I think of him. He was such a great Dad and its hard to come to terms with his death. A week prior to his demise, I was just like this, running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I couldnt sleep nor eat. Also I was forgetful, confused and bummed out.

I know Thumper is a cat, but I wont say just a cat. I love her like a real baby and Ive had her for 2 years. We have been through tough times too in Singapore. I cant help but worry about her for the past few days since I could not be there for her all the time. I had to go home too to my other cats.

Today I feel better though. I was able to eat more and also relax a bit.

The reason is that my Thumper has gotten better and its best news Ive heard this week. She is more alert and didnt even need an oxygen mask today. She was also able to sleep better and would respond to me like she used to do when she wasnt sick. I wanted to bring her home but its not time yet. After seeing the improvement I saw today, I thought it would be best to give the vet clinic also another chance to redeem itself. Yesterday I was pretty upset because its been the 3rd day since Thumper had been dyspneic but they have not come up with any diagnosis. Worse, they had not done an xray. Well at least today the doctor was able to offer an explanation why they had to observe her first before they randomly just did any diagnostics. They had another branch at Cainta which was 15 - 20 minutes away and they did the xray there. According to the vet and the assistant, they were surprised that Thumper was putting up a fight! She struggled while they were doing the xray on her. She lost of course but she made sure to let them know how she felt about it.

When they got back from Cainta, it was clear that my baby girl was really back!

After they removed the top part of the carrier, my baby was "excited" to see me! She was meowing too!
I know she looks kinda scary in the photo but she was very cute when I saw her. She was more alive and she kept meowing and moving around the carrier.

I just petted her and let her relax. This time I could tell she was sleeping well and not because she was just too weak to do anything. She still hasnt regained her appetite but when I made her smell the kibble, she was licking her nonexistent lips. I think thats a good sign! Tomorrow Ill bring wet food again and water with dropper. Today I gave her some water and she licked it but she didnt really like it too much.

Most of the photos I took was of her sleeping. She really looked peaceful unlike yesterday.

Brushy brushy time!

Look at that hindleg go up

I also brushed her today and you can tell right away that she was enjoying it. Here are some videos of Thumper resting, getting brushed and having a nightmare!

Took some photos of the other animals in the clinic today:

Dog named Jejemon

Jjejemon getting an antibiotic shot. He wasnt confined. They just gave him some wound cleaning and antibiotic. He was ran over by a car but miraculously survived.
Trixie. she was confined for a few days now. Tomorrow she might be discharged

Other dogs in confinement. The one on the left arrived today. The one on top, I dont remember his name. The dalmatian is Gypsy.

Poor sick doggies. The belgian shepherd is Reeva, The black lab I dont know his name but he was barking loudly when he saw me. There were three other dogs on the far right corner. I think Trixie is there, also the chihuahua with skin lesions. Cesar the assistant called him Poknat.

There were 11 animals in confinement. Thumper was the only cat.
Ruba the Shihtzu

A pug with a tumor
The doctor hasnt asked me to pay the total fees yet. But I asked him to give me an idea so I know what to expect when its time to bring Thumper home. Here is a breakdown of the bill. Its not yet final but he explained to me what makes up the daily rate.

the vet signed this one just to make sure it would look legit although this is only temporary because an official receipt and bill will be issued once Thumper is about to be discharged.
Before I left, I had to also put the top part of Thumper's carrier to give her some privacy.They moved the Shih tzu again to the display table area although its supposed to be in a kennel. I dont hold it against the owners though, I dont want Thumper in a kennel either. But I dont want them visitors poking around my cat's tummy again like yesterday.

Thumper sleeping peacefully inside her carrier

I spent only 3 hours with Thumper today. I will be back tomorrow though with goodies. I hope she is in the mood for wetfood.

Better yet I hope she is in the mood to go home with me. Her sister Dapper also misses her a lot.

Dapper waiting by the window everyday. I think she is waiting for her sister.

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  1. Poor Dapper. She must be really upset and lonely. I'm glad to hear that Thumper is doing better. =) She does seem to be coming around and getting back to her old self. =)


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