Feb 6, 2011

Daily thoughts - full house

Right now, there are 5 occupants in my room. Yes, 5. Two adult cats namely Dapper and Thumper (both 2 years old) and two kittens Enchong and Boomer, and of course yours truly. My room is tiny and its irregularly shaped. Nevertheless, for now it will work. It's free and my cats have gotten accustomed to living here.

Dapper (big box) and Enchong (little box)

Dapper passed out, Enchong on the red bed


Thumper (bigger black cat), Enchong (small black cat) and Dapper

Thumper loves Cosi Pet's milk

Dapper sleeping with crazy eyes

Unglam photo of Thumper passed out

Enchong and Boomer (she is blind)

Thumper and Donkey



I rolled out my yoga mat and Dapper (always) wants to be the first to use it

Dapper sneaks inside my short but fails

Dapper and Donkey

Dapper trying to squeeze in the tiny box

Dapper is obviously too fat for this box

Bigger box accomodates DApper and Boomer

Enchong watching American Beauty

He watched part of the movie for almost10 minutes. Yes he was just sitting like that the entire time
Yes the photos above are cute. Im crazy about my cats. Although sometimes, they also drive me crazy.

Here are just a few examples of things I put up with on a daily basis:

1) I would scoop their turds from the litter box and just right after Ive washed my hands, someone will run in there and take a dump. Just today I had to wash my hands 3 times because Boomer, then Dapper and Enchong (and after probably 15 minutes Thumper went in there too) decided that since there was new litter, they had to use the box.

2) feeding time. I feed them 1/4 cup of kibbles every 4-5 hours. But sometimes, they want more. When Im sleeping, Dapper would really sing nonstop until I get up and give them food. Sometimes,she would startle me. Id open my eyes and a few inches away is Dapper staring at me, like she was about to eat my nose.

3) Dapper is already fixed, meaning she had been spayed. Thumper on the other hand isnt. And every single month, without fail, Thuper goes into heat. It lasts for 2-3 weeks. I have to put up with on top of my insomnia.

4) Boomer. I adopted a blind kitten named Boomer. She is really a handful. For obvious reasons, she can be a little messy when eating. She used to know how to find the litter box when she wants to do her business. But now there are times she would just go anywhere she pleases. So I have to be ready with the spray bottle with lysol and a bunch of tissues to clean up after her. Not to mention she has to regularly be wiped and I also have to instill antibiotics and artificial tears. But, she is really a very sweet purring machine. the slight touch or affection excites her that she starts purring nonstop.

5) Enchong. When I took in the other kitten Enchong, he was very skinny and had that starved look. Now he has put on some weight but still seems hungry all the time. Im going to deworm him this month and also bring him to the vet for his shots. He also seem to have a lung infection that hasnt cleared for 2 months. He is however very playful and happy most of the time. The only problem with him is he is too sweet to the point he likes to sleep on my neck, hair or if possible he wants to sit on my face when im sleeping. Also he has a habit of jumping on my lap when im sitting by my desk surfing the net. So everyday I have a fresh scratch on my leg/s because of Enchong's undying love for me.

These are just the ones on top of my head right now but my cats, although theyre quite a handful, really bring so much joy in my life. Especially right now, they are all passed out.

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