Jul 7, 2011

Daily snapshots - Rice mix vs Meow mix and the dilemma of rehoming my pets

Sometimes I serve the cats downstairs with cat food other than the one that comes from a bag.

rice with whiskas, sardines and crab fat
They actually like "rice mix" over the meow mix..not really. They just dont have a choice sometimes. Just the same, they devour whatever I give them.

I dont cook at the house anymore since I only have to feed myself. I discovered its more cost and time efficient to just eat out than go through the whole trouble of preparing then eventually cooking. I like cooking but its honestly exasperating when you live in a place where there is no constant running water. I have to haul water, get the veggies or meat in the fridge next door, then go to my brother's house on the other side to cook. Normally , I can get everything done in an hour. But in this house Im currently staying at, it takes twice the amount of time. I decided to just get my food from either my brother's internet cafe/mini restaurant or have food delivered.

Everyday, I cook 4 cups of rice just for the animals. Sometimes when Im lazy to go out to get my lunch/dinner, Ill also help myself to a cup or two of the rice.  Rice is 32php for 1 kilo. A kilo lasts 3 days at the most.On the other hand, a kilo of catfood costs 135PHP. If I buy the meow mix from the new veterinary clinic in Tikling, I can get a 3kilo bag for 400PHP. A kilo last for 4-5 days and thats not cheap considering I am feeding 12 cats and also 4 dogs. The dog food is 90PHP for 1 kilo. Pedigree is the only brand I get since dogs do not like any other (cheap) dogfood.  The great news is, the dogs like the rice mix I make. They finish it like I was serving them steak.

By serving the animals "rice mix" I get to stretch the cat and dog kibbles I buy. I usually save it also during times I have to be somewhere and Im in a hurry. This way I dont leave the animals hungry the entire day. 

nightly ration
So to cut back the costs for the pet food, I give each cat 2 ounces (56.69 grams) during the day and rice at night. My cats in the room arent used to rice so they eat the regular kibble.

As for the dogs, they usually get rice mix for dinner. I sometimes also give them bread for snack.

Squid waiting on his dinner
Baby Gibor - had to cage her temporarily so the others wont steal her share

Baby Gibor
Arnold, Yubi and Docman
 My cats upstairs getting the royal treatment. ie: Kibbles and wet food setting only.


Thumper and Boomer

Dapper and Thumper passed out after dinner

Enchong on my pillow
I am not being unfair in this set up. I honestly cannot afford to feed all of them with kibbles all the time. If I do, it will bleed me dry. I need to eat and survive too plus there are bills and other expenses.

These cats in the house were starving when I first got here. For the past 3 years Id come and visit my family, there is hardly an addition of other cats. Not because they are spayed or neutered but rather because the new kittens die from starvation. Sometimes Id even meet a new member but then I would hear the news they too died. I had a 3 year old cat named Fishy who unfortunately died from some weird disease shortly after I left on my visit last 2008.


Pretty, PJ and Fishy

The mainstay cats who have been around since 2006 are still alive though namely Glory, Pepper and Pretty. The other additional cats now (Squid, Maki, Dalja, Gibor, Enchong, Boomer, C2) are alive because they are being fed.

I am not an upstanding citizen by proudly implying I do my best to take care of these animals. Its a basic urge to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. Instead of using my money to buy useless junk or expensive clothes, shoes or bags, I find an unexplained joy in watching the pets in the house eat and survive for one more day.

Sadly, one day when I know I have to leave them behind (Im not dying but I have to move somewhere), I have a feeling I will be pulling the plug to their lifeline if I dont find them a suitable home. For now I have not stopped trying to look for someone who will be willing to love them unconditionally..and yes the ration of kibbles and rice mix must must go on.

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  1. It's really sad that the people who actually own those cats won't take care of them. I hope you're able to smuggle them out to real owner's homes where they'll be taken care of and fed well. It's heart breaking to think that they'll all just starve to death.


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