Jul 7, 2011

Daily thoughts - The Casey Anthony Verdict

My head was spinning when I heard the news today. It was like reliving the OJ Simpson case all over again. Another blatant display of stupidity by a few people given that privilege to decide the fate of a killer. I honestly dont know what the JURY was thinking. But this decision they made I hope will affect their lives too and I dont mean that in a positive way.

Sadly, the opinion of a handful of people have set this totmurderer/mother free. CASEY ANTHONY Iis found NOT GUILTY despite what seemed to be a slamdunk win due to the many lies and inconsistencies of her testimonies.. The disappointment on this outcome is palpable from the remarks and reactions of people around the world. A grave injustice that befell poor Caylee Anthony. It was like killing her a second time around.

I have been keeping tabs on this case from day 1 since I also happen to be a fan and regular reader of crimelibrary. I dont really understand how the judicial system in the USA works but from the countless articles I have read for the past years, pedophiles, murderers, rapists etc have been given parole only to add more victims to their list. They should change parole to prowl.

I was in high school when I read the book Alone with the Devil by Ronald Markman.

Its an account of some of the scariest and infamous killers in the USA as documented by a psychiatrist who interviewed them. I read about the story of two sadistic killers named Roy Norris and Lawrence Bittaker who developed a friendship in jail and concocted a sick plot while serving their time. These two are both psychopaths and are evidently dangerous to society. Even the psychiatrists who interviewed them have attested to this however the system let both on parole which led them to kill 5 more young women during the course of that "freedom". They are both in jail for those crimes but I read that Norris was denied parole last Mach 2009 and will be eligible in another ten years. Can you believe that? how can a rapist and murderer be "eligible" to be let out to roam the streets again? The same guy who three months after his release from prison attacked and raped a 27-year-old woman, and again after another release from prison collaborated for murder/rape spree with Bittaker.

Take note that the Bittaker-Norris case is just one among many other stories I have read where criminals as such are given such leeway only to allow them to hurt again. Im honestly terrified to live in a country where the justice system is too lax in dealing with these kind of criminals.

Casey Anthony may have murdered just this once so I should'nt compare her to Bittaker and Norris. But she murdered a helpless child, worse it was her own too. Isnt there a famous adage that goes Charity begins at home?  What can Casey Anthony impart to others, she couldnt even spare the life of her own child. 

It made me sick to my stomach finding out about this sad news. I was shocked, dismayed and overwhelmed with grief. The Judicial system sucks. I swear I will have to protect my own family because God forbid if something happens to them, I will end up doing something reminiscent of that character in Law abiding citizen.

But this is not the end, Casey may get away scott free.. or so she thinks. I quote my friend "The WORLD knows who she is and what she has done.. she can never be in peace.. its a lifetime of agony!! and the humiliation and pain she brought to her family especially her mom and dad,its unforgivable."

If Justice in the court is not served.. Im sure JUSTICE in the street will come by !

Rest in Peace Caylee Anthony. You are not forgotten.

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