Jul 12, 2011

Daily thoughts - The Super Heroes last night

Im afraid of the dark. Embarrassing at is it may sound especially at my age I cannot stand being alone when the lights are out. I also have my own "curfew" that by the time its 12AM I dont set foot outside my room. Oh yes Im a sissy. Before its midnight, I prepare any emergency food I might want to snack on in case I get hungry in the middle of the night or very early in the morning. I also make sure I have a liter of water on standby. If by any chance I forget to stock up on food before my curfew, Ill have to bear the hunger pangs and wait the next day. Im sure everyone has something they are terrified of. My sister in law hates worms, another friend of mine is terrified of frogs, my youngest brother who has 2 kids still dont like seeing clowns. I on the other hand, dont like darkness and roaches. If I was born during the world war and a small closet could save me from being caught by the enemy, if there was a roach in that cabinet, I wouldnt hide even if my life depended on it. Just the thought of roaches crawling on my skin gives me goosebumps.

Did you see the movie JOe's apartment? Fascinating insects singing, dancing and even doing synchronized swimming. The effects of that movie were great but I kept rubbing my skin all throughout the show to make sure there was no creepy critters crawling on my skin.

It seems that roaches like to come out at night over here.During the day I rarely ever see one. Even after Ive put insect chalk on the sides of this house they are still ever present once its  napnap time for the people in the house. Fortunately there are no roaches in my room though, thank God! There has been one or two occasions within the year but the cats catch them before the roaches manage to fly. So aside from putting insect traps, using baygon waterbased spray and chalk to ward of any crawling insects,  I also have 4 cats in my room to ensure my "safety" from the loathsome IPIS!

Last night I was in bed asleep when I was awakened by the shrill cry of our dog Murgeet. It was disturbing because I could also hear her puppy Yoobi crying as well. Then I could hear the sound of what seemed to be a newborn dog. It was loud and persistent. I figured maybe Murgeet was giving birth. For almost 10 minutes I could hear Murgeet, Yoobi and the puppy crying. I couldnt go back to sleep anymore and I was very much bothered by it. I was thinking whether the puppy was having trouble coming out and was still stuck in Murgeet's cooter. I checked my phone and it was 235AM. No one in the house was awake and surprisingly I was the only one who could hear the commotion downstairs.  I didnt know what to do. Actually I knew what I should do but I was too scared to go out of my room. I contemplated for 5 minutes and even texted my hubby about it. He said, its up to me.

I could imagine the flying roaches downstairs and how pitch dark it is..but I had to go. Those dogs needed me. So I armed myself with a broom, baygon spray and my flashlight. I took a deep breath and walked out of the room.

I looked something like this :

 the sparkly things were meant to make me look cool hehe
The moment I stepped out of the room, I was greeted by the other cats in the house. They tailed behind me like Im the pope. These cats in the house think Im the Santa Claus of catfood because everytime they see me, they get into a frenzy.

I walked to all the nearby light switches. I turned on the light near the stairs.  When I got downstairs I reached for the switch of the living room. I walked towards the kitchen and turned the lights on. Then I opened the gate leading to the laundry area behind the house where the dog is. I held on to the broom handle and focused on the dark walkway that could potentially have critters lurking.

Murgeet last night

Murgeet this morning
I put some bedding in the morning because last night I was too scared to go to the attic to look for old blankets.

Murgeet with her 3 pups

I was surprised with what I saw. I was wrong when I thought the puppy was probably stuck in the mom's birth canal. I had that impression because Murgeet was crying. The puppy was indeed stuck, but it was on a steel grate near the canal by the laundry area. I couldnt imagine how the poor thing wormed its head in that tiny space. I gently tried to yank it loose but the head just seemed too big for it to fit. Murgeet was crying and so was Yoobi because they didnt know what to do! It was amazing, they were crying because they were both worried with whats happening and also they wanted help. While I was trying to free the pup, Murgeet was tugging on my shirt and trying to "help" me.  Finally after careful prying, I managed to get the tiny pup from the grate and out of danger. Murgeet seemed so happy. She was licking her brood and she kept looking at me also while she lay there. When I petted her she seem so grateful. I was moved by her heroic effort to try to save her pup and also make enough noise to wake somebody up to help her out.

This afternoon one of the dogs fell in the canal because an idiot removed the plank of wood and basin I put there to ensure none of the dogs fall again. It was a good thing I heard the dog crying again and I went down there to scoop it up. I hope tomorrow I wont be roused from my sleep again by the dogs incessant cries because some asshole decides to remove what I put there to protect those pups.

Anyway I went back to bed happy after saving that dog. I felt like a superhero. hehehe yeah because I overcame two of my fears, the dark and the possibility of finding flying roaches downstairs.  The real heroes of the night were Murgeet and Yoobi though. If they didnt cry and get my attention, one of those poor puppies would have been dead. That would have been a terrible sight (compared to a team of flying roaches), finding a tiny newborn pup with its head stuck in that narrow grate.

So Hurray to the real heroes, you guys made a difference to my day.

Murgeet the supermom
and her sidekick Yoobi yoobs!

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